A mysterious Dark Horseman slays young girls near the village of Dikanka, and he has already butchered 11 ladies. Nikolai Gogol, a scribe from Saint. (The “Viy” is a monstrous creation of popular fancy. It is the name which the inhabitants of Little Russia give to the king of the gnomes, whose eyelashes reach to. (The “Viy” is a monstrous creation of popular fancy. It is the name which the inhabitants of Little Russia give to the king of the gnomes, whose.

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Locked in a church with a witch’s body and drawing a circle, Homa waits until Viy arrives, but dies. What a pity that one cannot smoke in it. The walls of the house were supported by similar pillars. A Tale Told by the Sexton of the Vuj He only heard his heart beating, and saw the old woman approach him, place his hands crosswise on his breast, and bend his head down.

But the numbers of the club were not complete till the evening, when the groom came in after tying up his horses in the stable, the cowherd had shut up his cows in their stalls, and others collected there who were not usually seen in the day-time. This page was last edited on 31 Augustat I will learn everything, everything. Bogdanov looked at the screen as if it was a mirror. Retrieved from ” https: This custom is always observed in Little Russia by those who have seen a corpse.

I have not had a bit of bread in my mouth since early this morning! Earth would not hold them so that every night they would crawl out of their graves and torment the living. He approached the bier, looked nervously at the face of the dead girl, could not help shuddering slightly, and involuntarily closed his eyes.

I know all about it, for here, in Kieff, all the old women in the market-place are witches. The philosopher supported one corner of the black-draped coffin upon his shoulder, and felt an ice-cold shiver run through his body. I do not know whether it was a boy or a girl. The other five, with the philosopher, got into the capacious kibitka, and sat upon sacks which were filled with all sorts of articles purchased in the city. It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country before downloading this work.


The colonel spoke the last words in such an emphatic way that the philosopher quite understood them. He quickly went into one of the stalls, opened his book, and began to read the prayers in a very loud voice in order to keep up his courage. The water sprite Rusalka seen by Khoma during his night ride bears relation to the “midnight dead”. As he begins to say prayers, he imagines to himself that the corpse is getting up, but it never does.

During supper-time even the tongues of the laziest were set in motion.

Viy (story) – Wikipedia

The conversation, as might be expected, turned on the dead girl. Yakim Marta Timofeeva Artyom Tkachenko A sudden silence followed; the howling of wolves was heard in the distance, and soon heavy footsteps resounded through the church. Six stout, strong, though somewhat elderly Cossacks were standing by it.

He had not done this from hunger so much as from the force of habit. In the distance wolves howled continually, and even the barking of the dogs had something unearthly about it.

Viy (story)

He was his absolute copy – his gestures, body language and jokes were so similar, no one suspected the change.

Evil people, it was believed, automatically became Devil ‘s subjects upon death.

Khalava and Thomas often pulled his hair as a mark of their special favour, and sent him on their errands. October Learn how and when to remove fij template message.

At last the whole company observed that they had gossiped over their time, for it was already night. This garden was generally so choked up with weeds that it seemed admirably adapted for such an attempt.

A sudden chill shot through him. He looked down and saw how the grass beneath his feet seemed to be quite deep and far away; over it there flowed a flood of crystal-clear water, and the grassy plain looked like the bottom of a transparent sea. The philosopher remained for a vim minutes in the hall in order to look about him; then he stepped over the threshold with a certain nervousness.


Gogol. Viy

At night, the Dark Horseman finds a secret place abandoned farm and kills all Cossacks and girls inside it. It is really excellent — first-rate! Gradually it became overgrown with creepers, bushes, and wild heather, and no one can discover it now. All these trees and bushes gpgol been thickly overgrown with ivy, which formed a kind of roof. At the meal he enlarged on the topic of what a Cossack ought to be, and how he should not be afraid of anything in the world.

It was an awe-inspiring sight, this church lit up at midnight, with the corpse in the midst, and no living soul near but one. As soon as he found himself alone, he began to feel in the grip of his fears.

Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The philosopher Thomas Brutus was a more cheerful character.

Making sure that Gogol is not a murderer, Binh gives the go-ahead to hide the girls. But they are unable to force anyone, for it is in our power either to accept the visitation or not. When the philosopher Thomas saw the state they were in, he determined to profit by it, and to make his escape. The title is also the name of the demonic entity central to the plot.

Again, Nikolai Gogol, the leading character from the film, a young man who suffered unpredictable violent epileptic seizures, Every summer, there googl usually a large procession of all the students moving around the area as they travel home.