tages of this account of indicative conditionals, and in section. 5 I reply to on Grice’s Views about the Logical Particles of Natural Language,” in Prag- matics of . if it is a valid inference, then the indicative conditional conclusion must be logically 3 H.P. Grice, in his William James lectures, 4 pursued the first of these . conditionals, but not those of indicative conditionals, are known to be false or at . of this view include Lewis [], Jackson [], [], and Grice [a]. 6.

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These are adequate synonyms. Arrow gets this wrong. The truth-functionalist call him Hook gets this right. Nor is my conditional desire satisfied if I don’t win but in the nearest possible clnditionals in which I win, you tell Fred straight away.

And a nice logic emerges, which is now well known.

Indicative Conditionals

Not all the relevant A -possibilities are Iindicative -possibilities. Look at column v. Provided she takes me to be trustworthy and reliable, she thinks that if she presses the switch, the consequent is likely to be true. Cambridge University Press, pp.

Think of this distribution as displayed geometrically, as follows. As conditionals are not ordinary propositions, in that they essentially involve suppositions, this it is claimed is good enough. De Finetti, Bruno, Do we escape Lewis’s result that a conditional probability is not the probability of the inicative of any proposition, by making the proposition indocative by a conditional context-dependent? Page references to Lewis It is very close to certain that if you toss the coin ten times, you will get at least one head; but it is certainly false that the consequent is true at all nearest antecedent-worlds.


Rani Lill Anjum, Paul Grice on Indicative Conditionals – PhilPapers

For work in this tradition and valuable surveys of related work see De FinettiBelnap and Milne So Stalnaker’s logic for conditionals must agree with Adams’s over their common domain. Truth, Probability and ParadoxOxford: Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative.

But other cases of embedded conditionals count in the opposite direction. To be sure that if ABwe need to be sure that whichever world w is a candidate for actuality, B is true conditiobals the nearest A -world to w. Now there is much in common between the restrictor-view of conditionals and the suppositional view.

Widening our perspective to include gricw other conditionals tends to confirm Supp’s view.

Material Conditional: Grice – Oxford Scholarship

Added to PP index Total downloads 10, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 46 8, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? We assume or pretend that if an indicative conditional has a false antecedent, there is a fact of the matter about which world would be actual if A were. Evans, Jonathan and Over, David, A basic rule of inference is modus ponens: Look at the possibilities for A and B on the left.


That’s enough to know that trice x isn’t red, y is red.

Conditionals, Indeterminacy, and Triviality. Hook might indicativw as follows. This is just to say that one’s confidence in a conditional is measured by p A B.

Sign in to use this feature. Truth Conditions Revisited 4. See Gibbardpp. They try to show that when a sentence with a conditional subsentence is intelligible, it can be paraphrased, at least in context, by a sentence without a conditional subsentence.

I think B grixe be false, and will be false if certain, in my view unlikely, circumstances obtain.

All you know about their colour is that at least one of them is red. See also Edgington and Jackson’s replypp.

For Jackson’s more recent thoughts on conditionals see his postscriptpp.