Thank you everyone who joined us for our webinar about Groovy scripting in SoapUI. Click here to download the example project files we used in the Webinar . Use this test step to execute Groovy or JavaScript code from your tests. You can only debug scripts in the SoapUI Groovy Script test step. You can only debug . All SoapUI Pro support resources in one place. Easy access to product documentation.

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By using the testCase object, you can access and manipulate test items of the project.

Groovy Script Test Step | Documentation

Process to build the data input excel has been explained in Step 2. If the Abort test if an error occurs option is enabled grooyv TestCase Optionsthe test will stop.

To set a breakpoint: Windows Linux Open the vmoptions file. To start debugging, click. Applies to ReadyAPI 2. Unlike the ReadyAPI installation package, the binary package does not include the required Java files. Search Search developerWorks Recipes Search. Grovoy you already have an assertion with the same name, you will be prompted to specify the unique assertion name.

You can modify test step settings in its editor: It contains different script messages. You can get this object when creating it in the following way: As the Customer Identification number is set as custom properties as CIN, the same value will be used in the request. Name Description result A read-only groofy. This is the groovy step which will govern the entire framework run. Open the ReadyAPI executable in a text editor.


For binary package installations only: For instance, you can verify these property values with the Assertion test step, or check them and change the execution flow with the Conditional GoTo test step.

Obtain the containing object. The framework can be reused with any request. Once above files have been downloaded. The string argument specifies the reason. Interacting with the user dialogs, prompts, and so on for getting the input or controlling execution.

Groovy Script Test Step

This method runs the specified test step and returns the result. A generalized groovy framework will be built which can be used to perform data validation of any given request with minimal code changes. Here is the sample code that will remove the assertion created in the example sopui. Skip to content United States.

To get a property value: Once the framework structure is ready then the input excel can be build, which will be specific to the type of request. They are neither monitored nor endorsed by IBM. Highlight search results Highlight search results. Integration with external systems for reading or writing data.

SOAP UI Groovy Automation Framework To Test API Field Data Validation – developerWorks Recipes

The excel will have all the required input parameters which are needed to run the request. This executes the entire test in debug mode. You can modify, add, remove and change custom properties load values of custom properties from a file, or save them to a scrjpt.


Use this test step to execute Groovy or Groovh code from your tests. This tab contains the following properties that provide access to the test step data: In addition to this there are conditional and optional tags and the value in response tags may not always be same as the value in database column.

Click the image to enlarge it.

If there are numerous data fields in response which are coming from multiple tables based on various conditions it becomes very difficult tutorual verify each field tutprial without human errors. When you are using a script editor, you have the Log Output panel for the test runs. This marks the test failed and stops the test run regardless of the Abort test if an error occurs option.

It exposes methods related to test execution and the underlying object model via the testCase property. Specify the assertion name as a string.

This will include the database connection and SQL query to fetch the thtorial details from the table. To use JavaScript, use the project setting Script Language. To enable Groovy debugging in a binary installation: The execution result is the value passed in the return script statement: