Panzer Leader is an autobiography by Heinz Guderian. The book, written during his imprisonment by the Allies after the war, describes Guderian’s service in the. Panzer Leader has ratings and 76 reviews. Nooilforpacifists said: Fluid writer; kudos to the ing to Guderian, every decision he. —Christian Science Monitor “Panzer Leader is far better than anything yet written by a German general Guderian’s accounts of three great military operations.

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Hitler attempted to engender loyalty in key commanders by offering them financial gifts. It went on for a week before Soviet pressures on the Orel salient to the north and the necessity to respond to the allied invasion of Sicily resulted in the operation being halted.

He learned lessons from WW1 and applied innovations even while Germany was banned from owning tanks workaround: Guderian died in Cover of the Ballantine Book abridged version.

The character sketches of Hitler and his cabinet were very informative, though it was interesting to see the efforts Guderian makes to distance both the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS from the atrocities of the Holocaust, instead laying the blame on Party functionaries and rogue units. Of these, 3 is the most interesting take-away.

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Panzer Leader

But inwhen Guderian advised that ground forces should take a step back, Hitler dismissed him. Luck, Hans von Guderian’s tale of the preparation for and carrying out of the attack on Russia is detailed and dry. I grabbed this book out of a group of my Dad’s books. These papers were based on extensive study of the lessons of the First World War, research on foreign literature on the use of armour, and wargaming done with dummy tanks and later with early armoured vehicles.

He was also the author of Achtung, Panzer! Guderian insisted in that German tanks be equipped with radios and intercoms throat microphones to enable each tank commander to communicate with his crew and with other tanks in his platoon and company. Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects.


I finally found time to finish this, although I have gone back to reread various sections that are of especial interest. I was surprised that the author was the architect of Germany’s armored warfare capability during WW2 think ‘Blitzkrieg’.

Only Hitler’s foolish calling off the army at Dunkirk allowed the English to rescue substantial elements of its ground forces.

Heinz Guderian

InGeneral Lutz asked Guderian to write a book on the developing panzer arm and the theories that had been developed on its use in war. It seems clear that if he leadef not been ordered to stop in May he would have led his panzer troops to Dunkirk and stood a good chance of getting there before the British army; without the evacuation of more thanof its soldiers, England may conceivably have been pushed into accepting an armistice.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fellgiebel, Walther-Peer []. Aug 16, James rated it really liked it. This article needs additional citations for verification.

And the book portrays the resistance from more traditional army leaders in the German military. He was guderisn appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Army in Julybut this was largely a symbolic role since Hitler had effectively become his own Chief of Staff.

Guderian had the good luck to be fired by Hitler six weeks before the end of the war. One of the things that surprised me when I read this book was that General Guderian had a guerian dry sense of humor.

Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing German-language text All stub articles. I wish the general had written a sequel to this classic memoir. When he talks about Goering “devoting himself to fine dining with visible results. Dec 19, Charlie rated it really liked it. In the “Foreword,” B.

Panzer Leader : Heinz Guderian :

The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck. Great work from a military legend A good read for all history lovers. Those and other tactical disagreements brought Guderian into near-daily infighting with headquarters staff. Panzer Leader became a bestseller within one year of its original publication in and gudfrian since been recognized as a classic account of the greatest conflict gudeian our time.


As some have already pointed out, this is not a cowboy action book like a “D-Day” or “Bridge too far”. After returning to his command, Guderian carried out a series of withdrawals anyway, directly disobeying his orders. Cities, rail centres and road junctions are taken one after another.

Liddell Hart casually notes that page Britain at this time was experimenting with tanks under General Hobartand Guderian kept abreast of Hobart’s writings using, at his own expense, someone to translate all the articles being published in Britain. He holds Hitler responsible for the lost war, and rarely admits that any of his military colleagues besmirched their honor, although he does argue forcefully that he was panzsr from the best course of action due to their incapacity for understanding mobile warfare.

In short, this is a book of its times, and has to be pahzer critically, in light of other knowledge today. It seems indisputable, though, that he was both a brilliant military leader and one leadeer the few army officers or any kind of personality with the nerve and panxer to stand up to Hitler. He was very hard to get along with, and it’s a tribute to the German Army, as well as to Guderian’s own remarkable abilities, that he was able to rise as high as he did within the German Army.

Where soldiers begin to question the rightness of the cause for which they are fighting, armies soon collapse. Nov 27, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it.