Puratan Katha, Present Day Katha, Katha with Dharna, English Katha · play all. Baba Bhajan Singh (Nanaksar Wale) · 4 files · play all · Baba Gurdev Singh. More Audio Katha added. August 31, Added overnight are 41 mp3 files of katha by Sant Joginder Singh (Badrinath Wale) on the Vivek Churamani Granth.

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In the middle of the night BHai Sahib him was doing raulwhen he started experiencing excruciating pain.

Until it does, I see no hope for the Jatha. Please take the comment back. Does Waheguru forgive cheating? If there was ever a gathering of Gursikhs then Bhai Sahib would make each one of them recite this bani and would always listen in vismaadh filled state. In other words reach gurrmat atamic goal. Sorry for going off-topic, but Dr. Couple of thoughts come to mind: Today the very opposite is happening.

II – Gurmat Veechar

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Dr jee remarked that this was the antarjaamtaa and spiritual powers of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh ghrmat that they could change your karams if they wished too. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Gurmat Veechar with Dr Darshan Singh Jee

The details have become a bit blurry to me at this point, but Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh jee gave 6 years from his own life to Bhai Atma Singh jee and told him accomplish his bhagtee. Vurmat Information Terms of Use.


By Guest rma Started Yesterday at Hindu terrorist organizations have flung up in every corner, city and town.

Bhai Sahib jee indeed possessed all Akali Shaktis but he stayed so humble in his life that he was able to hide his Avastha. Would like to know the Sangat’s thoughts on this, and how they would answer such a question.

But if you are a true Sikh, you will know what flows with Sikhi and what flows against it. It was usually recited rather than sung.

It must be brought under control. There is always room for improvement but you can never say there is no hope for Jathaa. He forever lived like a humble Sikh and never displayed his Shakti openly.

A few weeks ago I had the fortune of sitting with and talking to Dr Darshan Singh jee about some Gurmat topics and also about his experiences with Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee.

Everyone remained quite for sometime and then Bhai Sahib opened his eyes and in a very commanding tone said “Nehi Jana. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It sadly was his own end coming. Jathaa gives pehra on Sach and Such and this is why it will always have Fateh! You need to be a member in grumat to leave a comment.

One day while the hindu professor was teaching, one of his Sikh students walked up to him and complained about the headache he was having. Upon hearing this, the Hindu professor became furious and angrily said “well, maybe if geechar tied that huge turban beechar not kept your hair either, you wouldn’t experience the headache!


My wording was not very good, sorry for that. Sukhdeep Singh jee, Many Gursikhs who have done sangat of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee have said that in evechar later years of Bhai Gurmzt life Sri Raamkalee Kee Vaar was his favorite bani and he would make any Gursikh who he would meet recite this bani to him.

Darshan Singh jee who tapped me in keertan and said: Darshan Singh Jee narratted a story once to us about 2 years ago, where you were also present. Dr jee has done a lot of sangat of Veecuar Sahib and was one of the founding members of the Akhand Keertani Jatha in Toronto.

Veecahr much as I used to love dhunee, I couldn’t help it, but shake my head in agreement with Dr. Thanks Reply Quote Tweet Facebook.

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