On the Criteria in Harmonics. What is the Purpose of the Harmonicist? How Highness and Lowness in Sounds Exists. On Notes and Their Differences. On the . Ptolemy Harmonics: Translation and Commentary (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca Classica Batava) [Robert D Novak Professor of Western Civilization and Culture Jon. Scientific method in Ptolemy’s Harmonics / Andrew Barker. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN 0 5. 1. Ptolemy, 2nd cent.

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The work is a significant part of the early history of optics [39] and influenced the more famous 11th-century Book of Optics by Alhazen Ibn al-Haytham. Given that the Alexandrian mathematicians mentioned here were active several hundred years after the founding of the city, it would seem at least equally possible that they were harrmonics Egyptian as that they remained ethnically Greek.

It is known from a speech by Eumenius that a world map, an orbis pictusdoubtless based on the Geographywas on display in a school in AugustodunumGaul in the third century.

And most modern studies conclude that the Greek community coexisted [ If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

It appears to be an attempt at showing that an essentially Pythagorean theory The second is the Geographywhich is a thorough discussion of the geographic knowledge of the Greco-Roman world. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Ptolemy births deaths 1st-century Romans 2nd-century Romans 2nd-century philosophers 2nd-century poets Egyptian calendar Ancient Greek astrologers Ancient Greek astronomers Ancient Greek mathematicians Ancient Greek music theorists Astrological writers Claudii Egyptian astronomers Egyptian mathematicians Epigrammatists of the Greek Anthology 2nd-century people of Roman Egypt Ancient Greek geographers Roman-era geographers Giftedness.

Brill- Architecture – pages. Ptolemy’s astrological outlook was quite practical: Barker focuses on the part that is concerned with musical science proper I, 1-III, 3and more specifically on the scientific method it displays. It would have suited custom if the first of Ptolemy’s family to become a citizen whether he or an ancestor took the nomen from a Roman called Claudius who was responsible for granting citizenship.


Account Options Sign in. Index of Manuscripts and Papyri Cited Ptolemy also wrote an influential work, Harmonicson music theory and the mathematics of music.

Ptolemy wrote in Koine Greek and can be shown to have utilized Babylonian astronomical data. As with the model of the solar system in the AlmagestPtolemy put all this information into a grand scheme.

For the most part, he follows the order of Ptolemy’s text closely, providing historical background information in excursus form.

Catalog Record: Ptolemy Harmonics : translation and commentary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

It speaks in general terms, avoiding illustrations and details of practice. Journal of the History of Philosophy. In fact, it seems to me that the understanding of Ptolemy’s argumentative path is impeded by Barker’s interpretation of Ptolemy’s goal of “saving the hupotheseis” as a commitment to the integration of a genuine empiricist trait. Across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the Medieval period, it was the authoritative text on astronomy, with its author becoming an almost mythical figure, called Ptolemy, King of Alexandria.

Catalog Record: Ptolemy Harmonics : translation and commentary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This volume offers a comprehensive English translation Scientific Method in Ptolemy’s Harmonics. Institutes, academic libraries, public libraries, specialists, students, musicologists, classicists, philosophers, astronomers, historians of science. This attestation is quite late, however, and, according to Gerald Toomerthe translator of his Almagest into English, there is no reason to suppose he ever lived anywhere other than Alexandria.

Gosselin inresulting in serious over-stretching of the Earth’s east-west scale in degrees, though not distance. Latitude was measured from the equatoras it is today, but Ptolemy preferred [29] to express it as climatathe length of the longest day rather than degrees of arc: He also divided illusions into those caused by physical or optical factors and those caused by judgmental factors. One needs to read a complete text of Ptolemy’s treatise along with Barker’s exposition in order to understand some of harmoniics arguments.

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In it, Ptolemy writes about properties of lightincluding reflectionrefractionand colour. Harmonics Ptolemy Brill- Architecture – pages 0 Reviews https: In any case, it is unreasonable to portray them with purely European features when no physical descriptions exist. Thus explanations of a sort are provided for the astrological effects of the planetsbased upon their combined effects of heating, cooling, moistening, and drying.

Ptoleky is so even if one disagrees with Barker’s claims concerning Ptolemy’s methodology. Remember me Forgot password?

Harmonics and Power Systems. The methodological program Barker filters out of the text remains vague in a number of important respects. It is difficult to see how Ptolemy’s account pfolemy nevertheless be viewed as a genuine integration of empirical and theoretical aspects. However, Pythagoras believed that the mathematics of music should be based on the specific ratio of garmonics The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece.

Mnemosyne, SupplementsVolume: City states Politics Military. What is the Purpose of the Harmonicist? Because Ptolemy derived many of his key latitudes from crude longest day values, his latitudes are erroneous on average by roughly a degree 2 degrees for Byzantium, 4 degrees for Carthagethough capable ancient astronomers knew their latitudes to more like a minute.

Equally influential was his treatise on harmonics, the ancient science which combined and brought to completion the study of philosophy and science. The harmonics of Aristoxenus.

Medieval European science Indian astronomy Medieval Islamic astronomy. By using this site, you agree to the Harmonivs of Use and Privacy Policy. This volume offers a comprehensive English translation and commentary of Ptolemy’s Harmonics. ;tolemy, “Ptolemy or Claudius Ptolemaeus. Scientific Method in Ptolemy’s Harmonics. Cambridge University Press, An edition printed at Ulm inincluding woodcut maps, was the first one printed north of the Alps.

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