G. W. Farrow • I. Menon The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra With the Commentrary Yogaratnamala G.W. FARROW and I MENON MOTILAL. Shri Hevajra is a principal meditational deity of the Anuttarayoga classification in Buddhist Tantra. According to the Sakya system Hevajra belongs to the. हेवज्र तन्त्रम – संस्कृत मूल एवम हिन्दी अनुवाद (The Hevajra Tantra). Item Code: NAC Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher.

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In the Hevajra tradition the refined procreative drama is an integral part of the method of the Processes of Completion and Perfection.

With these colours lay out the tsntra, measuring it with a cemetery thread 5 three cubits, three inches in size. He assumes himself and is given in the colophon the title of the Bodhisattva Vajragarbha, a religious name presumably adopted from the tantra itself, where Vajragarbha is the chief interlocutor.

But in the book they are neglected. After twelve years he returned to central Tibet, probably bytranslated the Hevajratantra into Tibetan, and taught, among others, Dkon mchog ryal po ADthe founder of the Sa-skya Monastery in AD.

The deliberate eating and drinking of things abhorrent differs nothing in kind from the deliberate meditation upon unpleasant things, such as the gross nature of the human body or hevajrx manner of disintegration tangra a corpse, practices which had previously been found helpful in overcoming natural pp.

Sacred Texts: Hevajra Tantra

Regarding the experience of existence and non-existence it is said: This knowledge of the four Joys is known in the four consecrations by marking the four Ksanas, the Introduction xxxv four Moments. What is of interest to us now is the manner in which these texts were accepted as part of the established order of Buddhism. Click here to login or click here to become a member.

In the Process of Perfection, hevsjra the refined utilization of the generated forms, the absolute nature of the Enlightened Consciousness in terms ofthe Great Bliss, can be revealed and actualized. Hevajra’s remaining right hands hold a sword, arrow, wheel, skull cup, club, trident and hook; the remaining left hands hold a lotus, bow, trident, skull, jewel, threatening forefinger gevajra noose.


The consecra- tion for bestowing that knowledge is the Wisdom Consecration. The concealed essences are the tools which the yogi utilizes in the Process of Generation and the other Processes.

In many ways the civilization developed in Tibet is analogous to that of our Middle Ages in the west, and just as here Christianity provided the inspiration and Greece and Rome the model, so there Buddhism was the inspiration and the arts and sciences of India their model. Similarly ‘after that the fourth thus’. There are many methods to do this which are not available in this book.

Why certain colors and forms for these deities? Prajnadanda The Staff of Wisdom. In this way the ancient shamanistic yoga tradition which pre-dates the arrival of the Aryans in the sub- continent was assimilated and refined to suit the needs of the Buddhist tantric yogis. The Hevajra Tantra estab- lishes a standard by which other tantric treatises can be judged.

Then the gum instructs regarding the division of the four Joys. But how are they non-existent, and how about those words pronounced by the Lord: The invocation itself seems to be clearly addressed to Siva. These xiv The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra yogis felt no need to impress the tanttra rulers of Northern and East- ern India with a concordance of all Buddhist schools of thought in order to establish the ascendency of any one monastic sect, as can be seen later in Tibet in the relationships between tantrz dominant monastic hevajjra and the Emperors of China.

The days auspicious for the meeting are given. Also Gunther, Seelertproblem, pp. Therefore whatever exists is conceived as being of the same supreme xLii The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra principle directly experienced by the yogi. These qualities mixed with magical accomplish- ments give hints as to the stature of this awesome and unconventional yogi.

Buddhist Deity: Hevajra Main Page

There are three heads on either side of the central head, which is larger than the rest, and all have the third eye. Previously only invited aspirants tanra attend the consecration rite. Vak Hevajra is one of the four forms of Hevajra one of the main yidams, or, ‘enlightened be Probably very few were concerned to know the actual meaning of the words which formed this verbal expression.


It would appear that the zeal of some sects to propagate their concordance ofthe Mahayana and Vajrayana method made them lose sight of the hevakra that in India during the classic tantric period only those devotees who were deemed especially suited to the radical tantric yoga method were selected and consecrated by the Mahasiddha yogis. They are the two principal components, the Concealed Essences.

So the yogin must himself become Hevajra for Hevajra is the Means. This mantra is a way of recalling to mind the view and the actualization of Evam method in the Process of Perfection.

Consecration by the Deity 47 5. These concealed essences are hidden in all bodies. When unified these transmitters of the genetic codes will go on to form the hevsjra and the basic natures of the taantra.

The Circle of Bliss: Tararahasyam, Yogakamika, Sarvollasa Tantra etc. But it ceases altogether to be justified when this ideal is no longer realized, or in the case of its non-realizability. Inthismanner when the True Principle, the Innate, is realized, everything is directly understood in hvajra of Samarasa, the, Flavour of Essential Similarity.

Nor would this interpretation conflict with the views of those practisers themselves, for whom the whole process is a mental production bhavana and for whom every form and ritual is a mere support.

It is indeed tanttra that Buddhist and non- Buddhist tantras are based upon similar ideas and often contain similar material, and that many parallels may be obvious, but one may well ask at what previous stage of the doctrine was this not true. Regarding the Innate it is said in the Hevajra Tantra: