The Spear of Destiny has ratings and 36 reviews. Cwn_annwn_13 said: Book that claims Hitler was a satan worshipper who acquired a magic spear that wa. : Hitler: la conspiración de las tinieblas () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. : Hitler la conspiracion de las tinieblas: Trad. José Manuel Pomares. Ilustrado. Cartoné páginas.

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Trivia About The Spear of Destiny. Finally, this is not an easy read but it is worth the read and will keep one riveted to the pages. When you look into this this is same story as ever – from ancient Greece to legends of Arthur and why not: Trevor Ravenscroft RIP was a Rosicrucian who certainly seemed inspired or maybe just party to inate secrets when he wrote these books.

His main source here is anecdotal evidence from Walter Johannes Stein, an A This book concerns much of the myth and legendry surrounding the Spear which allegedly pierced Jesus Christ’s side when he was on the cross, and in particular Adolf Hitler’s obsession with it with several asides on Nazi Occultism in general and where it came from. Nuremberg was the center of Nazi culture and a meeting place of the Thule Gesellschaft, a secret society in which Hitler held a place of leadership and a part of Heinrich Himmler’s Occult Bureau.

So the final verdict would be – interesting book that reads more like fiction than some serious book again considering the subject this is to be expected. Foolish me, as this is actually a work of fiction All in all, a highly recommended read, perhaps should even be considered one of the classic textbooks on the Occult roots of Nazism.

Hey, that’s something, isn’t it? This book can serve as a decent starting point for the real of nazi occultism. Apr 01, Scott Kelly rated it really liked it.

Straight-faced, yet completely nutty story about Hitler’s fascination with the occult powers of the Spear of Longinus and the efforts of Rudolph Steiner, his arch-nemesis, to foil Hitler’s attempts to get hold of the spear.


Maybe the worst book I’ve ever read? Mar 04, Don rated it really liked it. Long out of print and hard to find, thanks to print-on-demand technology this book is now readily available at Amazon.

Ravenscroft lays out conspiracjon Hitler was greatly influenced by Richard Wagner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Frederick Hegel and Houston Stewart Chamberlain who all believed in and proponents timieblas the false Aryan racial supremacy philosophy, exaggerated Nordic fanaticism and an embrace of pan-Germanism. There is absolutely no d that Hitler was a Satanist or any other type of practicing occultist.

Hitler: la conspiración de las tinieblas – Trevor Ravenscroft – Google Books

May 17, Michael rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Conspirxcion better introductory book to the topic is Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance. And just in case you’re feeling dense: One of Hitler’s most consequential lxs was his skill in using the energy of consciousness while he was speaking.

Keep in mind that it requires large amount of effort to finish. Check out the films of a Nuremburg rally to see how a “spirit” can affect a crowd. Any book that stimulates further reading on a topic and generates genuine curiosity, in my opinion, can’t be considered a waste of time.

At one point, he confuses Baldur von Schirach with Constantine von Neurath. Sep 16, Evan Heymann rated it liked it. Lists with This Book. To ask other readers questions about The Spear of Destinyplease sign up.

At another, he seems to forget the name of Adolf Eichmann. This is a great book wether you believe the story or not. Too bad Ravenscroft either did not know about energy or did not choose to reveal further details about it. Book that claims Hitler was a satan worshipper who acquired a magic spear that was used to pierce Christ when he was crucified and later possessed by other historical figures.

The proper explanation for this would likely be that both the Thule Society and much early fantasy literature L. Ravenscroft, stick your spear of destiny where the sun don’t shine. When Trevor Ravenscroft started examining how radical Islam would become the western worlds major protagonist, I thought he had lost the plot. I don’t know what else to say. More horrifying is the nihilism hitlerr hopelessness of confronting the facts themselves.

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The book was written in the mids, over a decade after Stein died. This is a rare journey into the world that formed the monster that Hitler, the man became.

The Spear of Destiny

The book begins with an extensive background on the occult nature of In truth, this book is about Adolf Hitler, his ideology, and his search for the Spear of Destiny. There is nothing objective about this book.

Mar 13, Marco rated it it was ok. Its like saying cospiracion because somebody read a few books about UFO’s then you should assume they were abducted conspiacion aliens. I think I read this insane book sometime in the s. The reader also reads about the visions of General Helmuth von Moltke regarding the future of Germany, the rise of the fuhrer and the devastation and challenges of 20th century Europe.

His final mentor, Karl Haushofer influenced his Aryan superiority legacy beliefs though his book, The Secret Doctrine. The spear of Longinus came to be known as the Spear of Destiny because the legend surrounding the weapon stated that whatever nation possessed the spear would control the fate of the world.

He maintains that Hitler was conspiraclon reincarnation of an evil political minister from 1, years earlier and was motivat In order to explain the otherwise unfathomable rise to power of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, mainstream historians devised the phrase “the banality of evil. Just when you think that the subject is becoming too fantastic, it is conspirzcion up with a factual source.

I think I also regarded it as a work of fiction. This has all kinds of bizarro tangents in it, like the time Steiner cleared out someone’s rats via homeopathic intervention.

Nazi’s were no different and they had some pretty strange and weird pseudo-religious approach and philosophy.