In , Ori Hofmekler published the Warrior Diet to help people get off the roller coaster of weight gain and loss that modern-day diets may cause. He bases his. Ori Hofmekler is a fellow renaissance man; not only is he a world renowned artist, but he is also the author of the ground breaking Warrior Diet. The Warrior Diet. Based on survival science, this book is the first introduction to intermittent fasting, and proposes a radical dietary approach that challenges.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Wrarior email address will not be published. The author “creatively” finds a multitude of ways to say this, ad infinitum. I’ve been researching the topic for quite sometime and discovered that the best result comes from complete caloric restriction during the day water and zero calories beverages like coffee and tea dieh allowedthere is no limitation when this is practiced, not mentally nor physically because the body turns to the reserves to feed itself body fatfurthermore, as long as the individual is drinking enough water, there are no restrictions and the body is adequately supplied.

Jul 15, Niclas rated it liked it. Based on survival science, this book is the first introduction to intermittent fasting, and proposes a radical dietary approach that challenges most commonly accepted ideas about health, diet, and fitness. Fasting, the reduction of or abstinence from consuming eiet, is a practice that has been used since ancient times for various religious and health purposes.

Things like exercise, cold exposureheat shock proteins, high-intensity interval training, hypoxia, and radiation are hofmekled examples of hormesis. Good idea but with oodles of padding. For some advocates, like Hofmekler, it may work, but this doesn’t mean that the diet is appropriate for the general population. This guy tells you to stop eating once this happens.

This article lists the 6 most popular intermittent fasting methods. Stop eating when you feel much more thirsty warriot hungry. Share this with your friends! Jason Fung instead of this book.


Except for protein, the diet doesn’t offer recommendations as to how much of these foods to eat during the “undereating” period. There are rarely any that are that provide enough protein to supplement as a meal replac This book sucks. A simple program for both men and women that identifies common estrogen mimicking chemicals and foods, and incorporates anti-estrogenic foods, spices, and herbs into your diet to combat hormonal imbalance. Going cold turkey into a regimen of one meal per hhofmekler can cause light-headedness and weakness.

The Warrior Diet has most of your workouts occur during the “undereating” or controlled-fasting stage.

On the Warrior Diet, Stick to whole foods such as meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and whole grains. Dier example, don’t eat breakfast twice a week and then eat normally for the rest of the day. However, as long as healthy, nutrient-dense foods are chosen and calorie needs are met, nutrient needs can be covered by carefully planning your food hodmekler when following the Warrior Diet. Hofmekler recommends taking a daily multivitamin along with other supplements like probiotics and amino acids as part of this diet plan.

In fact, they can actually boost the life extension benefits of intermittent fasting.

Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Be a Bona Fide Renaissance Man

All of this is supported by science with references. Ori says that it hofmeklre makes you resilient against sugar, which is detrimental to your health in excess. Warriod Downfalls of the Warrior Diet.

There may be some good advice here and there, but generally always starving constant fasting yourself just doesn’t sound like a good idea. There may be some good advice here and there, but generally always starving constant fasting yourself just doesn’t sound like The author may somehow make this diet work for him, but a whole lot of advice in the book just doesn’t seem sound and goes against a lot of more contemporary healthy eating guides. In overeating phase all food groups are allowed except refined carbohydrate such as sugar, molasses and pastry cake.

The Warrior Diet asks you to follow your instinct when it comes to dieting. Not only that, but they were always ready to fight and bring it on for hours on the battlefield. You might also be interested in: Each phase has its rules and guidelines and after following them for about a month now I can say this diet really suits me well.


What is the Warrior Diet (Warrior Diet Basics and Mistakes) – Siim Land

Sep 20, Seb T. Hofmekler recommends that once dieters have completed the three phases, they should start them over from the beginning.

Play in new window Download. I would love to see an updated version, as this book was released a decade ago. This type of blatant BS really gets to me. Tho I enjoy fasting and omad, there are far better resources out there now than this book. With experience in the Israeli military and research into the way warrior societies — such as ancient Sparta and Rome — functioned, Hofmekler makes recommendations that are contrary to modern concepts in nutrition.

The 7 principles are a hormetic code to actively surviving, and they reveal biological secrets that can unlock previously unknown mechanisms to drastically improve our health and extend our lives.

Always start with subtle-tasting foods and move to the more aggressive foods. That being said, the Warrior Diet does make intuitive sense, but I prefer to see scientific claims backed by science, especially before making any changes to something as important as my diet.

How to Start the Warrior Diet

Abel, the method for naming your podcasts makes it diificult to download them unless we go to every individual page. I ll give a higher rating if the author focus on the implementation of the diet.

Has a really interesting historical chapter on health and fitness in ancient roman and greek times; this is basically how they lived.