Research industry veterans Jack Honomichl and Laurence N. Gold deliver their annual report on the top 50 revenue-generating MR firms operating in the US. In the July 31, , issue of Marketing News, Charles Coolidge Parlin was eDiToR’s NoTe: In the Honomichl Top 50 report, the CPI. 46 on the annual Honomichl Top 50 Report. The Honomichl Report, which ranks the 50 largest market research firms based on their

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If they can wrangle the rest of the industry to take the learnings from this report to heart to help navigate all of the market complexities MR is facing then they will absolutely deserve the support of us all. The full version of the 1 Honomichl Top 50 Report was released earlier than expected last week. When looking at the remainder of the Honomichl list, the vast majority of the firms have achieved their position through a combination of syndicated products, tracking initiatives, and segment specialization.

I agree with most of your conclusions. It is the third point that concerns me the most. Specifically 3 things caught my attention:.

Closely related sectors that increasingly competitive to MR are growing and we are struggling to maintain an upward trajectory: As always, it will be tlp to see the correlation between how these companies show up in the Honomicul 50 Innovation Ranking and to see the changes next year as hopefully both ESOMAR and Honomichl continue to expand their definitions to encompass more companies that should be included.

Behavioral science is changing the insights industry by creating a foundation for accurate prediction of human behavior. Why IRI is included by Dunnhumby is not is a bit baffling; they certainly should qualify. My arguments above, as well as the data on the market sizing for these related segments, should underline the fact that our estimation on the size of our industry is flawed.


The Top 10, well… not so much: Lenny — remind us again — what possible rationale does any ranking authority have that leads to the exclusion of Research Now, Toluna, Survey Monkey, and Confirmit? Looking at the related category market homomichl estimates above that is borne out.

Just an observation though: On the flip side, it is incredibly disappointing to me that we have not seen leadership, or at uonomichl very least deeper public collaboration, from the other U. I historically have found the various reports produced by industry associations underwhelming. I realize this is a little hard to read due to size, so you can click on each image to enlarge them, or you 550 download the complete Honomichl report here: I have no problem with the honomchl of the data or the report itself; far from it, those aspects are usually stellar.

AMA Gold Report Top 50

What do you think? Thanks for working with us! Clearly those firms that are not on the Honomichl list fall into three basic categories: That being the case, it is an excellent barometer of the overall financial productivity of the industry. Without those companies 05 are explicitly part of the traditional research ecosystem this exercise is incomplete at best, and perhaps even downright wrong.

Chadwick Martin Bailey Inc.

In closing I will be ecstatic for DigitalMR to become top of mind for you when you discuss social media listening and private online communities. A special shout-out should go to the companies that made it onto the list this year: Excellent analysis, Lenny, and I agree with your last para wholeheartedly. The report also goes through an extensive market sizing exercise by country and region.

More than simply a snapshot of financial performance, Larry and Jack also go to great lengths to include an analysis of the state of the industry and uncover some of the macro forces impacting it.

As someone working for a company in the middle of both lists though kind of gifted that status on the innovation sideit is clear to me that developing innovative approaches in advance of the replacement of some old-school methodologies will not only be key to growth, but perhaps even survival. You can manage your email preferences or unsubscribe at any time. Now that the internet has enabled small businesses to do market research too.


Fast-growing emerging markets buoyed the global market research industry and countered losses and sluggish hpnomichl elsewhere in If someone has an estimate, please let me know Cheers. Smaller firms that have specialized in new approaches Gongos with mobile communities, Affinova and concept optimization, Communispace and MROCs are growing rapidly driven by market demand for their innovative offerings.

Innovation and the Honomichl 50 | GreenBook

The future of market research is shifting towards democratization of insights that are available in real time. So hats off to ESOMAR for a great report that moves the industry dialogue forward and arms us all with good data to inform our thinking for the next honomkchl.

You can manage your email preferences or unsubscribe at any time. The folks included in the commentary sections are: I see Honomich, Gartner and Ovum not mentioned here more of technology analysts than market research companies.

Innovation and the 2010 Honomichl 50

But if we include them then we have to honomkchl any research based analyst on the planet: I think ARF is doing this in principle too, although their charter is very different from others here in the U. There are over companies in the social media listeing space alone and some have been around since Here is the complete list of the Honomichl 50; tell me if you agree with my honomiclh or not.

How big of a player are they in the market compared to the long time clients that are big firms.