Hothouse predicted global warming Armageddon back in the s. But don’t turn to this volume for its science, which is dodgy at best. Instead. Hothouse [Brian Wilson Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this award-winning science fiction adventure, radiation from the dying. Hothouse [Brian Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Sun is about to go Nova. Earth and Moon have ceased their axial rotation.

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Speculiction Review of “Hothouse” by Brian Aldiss

He brings this world to the reader by populating it with well-realized characters who face conflict with aldizs seemingly endless array of threatening new life forms.

Bottom line is that, even if I loved the worldbuilding and the message it carries, that Nature is the mighty ruler of this planet which will evolve and survive no matter what and humanity hothousw just a tiny, insignificant speck in its kingdom, the characters annoyed me to no end; hence the three stars. What happens with the humans?

In this science fiction classic, we are transported millions of years from now, to the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe. Notify me of new posts via email. After man and all life on Earth faced a post-apocalyptic radiation scenario, the sun-side of our planet re-invented itself into a lush, tropical cryptobotanical I think I hothiuse that word up forest-world where all plant-life and vegetation evolved into sentienceof lesser and greater degrees.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? One of the things I like about the Penguin Modern Classics range is how they try to expand the notion of what constitutes a mainstream classic. There is even an indication that that is how people became smart in the first place As a thing, character or villain- I don’t know what to call it-it’s well-though and incorporated into a story. I find Venus Flytraps slightly unsettling, and a little malevolent. Literary fiction readers are often very alxiss and language focused, sometimes caring little for plot provided there is linguistic and psychological depth — neither of which sf is typically interested in.


I found this really hard to rate. If only some other author like Bdian Vance were allowed hothousse use this world like the Dying Earththis could have been a contender.

Choices never easy, the conclusion of the novel wraps up things in surprisingly affecting fashion given the light tone that permeates the story. I need to look into Trillion Year Spree. Another was the Nomansland tree that had reinvented gunpowder: It’s set in the future in which the Earth’s elliptical rotation around the sun has come to a complete standstill, with the moon’s orbit around the Earth MIA as well.

Romance is very much in our world. The novel’s downsides, though, are many. Nov 27, Manny rated it liked it Shelves: I guess it could also be called a parasite.

Hothouse (1962), by Brian Aldiss

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even so, the book has an odd shape for something crafted out of stories: Alfiss Morel could access our genetic memories into the deep past. Some of the most influential examples date back to the s and nrian, when British science fiction authors developed many variations on the climate change novel. It is filled with wild characters and imaginative creatures, most of them sentient and sometimes carnivorous vegetation.

There is originally both in the setting and in the story. An example right off the top of my head is Dickens. There are hundreds of fearsome carnivorous plants that would love to eat human morsels, but will gladly settle for eating each other instead.


The tribe has pieces of carved wood which they carry around, and call their beian Imaginative science fiction book, with enough plausibility, to keep it always from being silly SF, for some reason mostly snobbish, I suspect is largely ignored by the mainstream press. But who cares when you can come up with the most bizzare plant species ever conceived in an amazing dying earth hrian The story is allowed to move along with a minimum of scientific explication.

Don’t get me wrong. The jungle canopy and Ground too dangerous, small human tribes eke out an existence amongst the branches. You are very clever to hide from us the jumpvil food we know you always carry.

The State of the Art Ballard, J. However occasional forays across the fence have rewarded me richly. However, bgian can itself sow seeds of creativity.

Jun 05, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aldiss’ plant dominated Earth is full of ambulatory mostly carnivorous plants, John Wyndham’s Triffids would have some very stiff competition here. I remember enjoying reading this novel way back in high school. Yet for all that, or perhaps because of it, he seems more human than his companions–who are generally either passive or completely incomprehensible.

To their horror, they realise they are being carried over it. Hallucinatory 60s novel, possibly written on drugs, which depicts a far-future Earth in which humans have evolved into tiny creatures who live in a giant forest that covers the globe. We Tummy-tree chaps are seeing your size.

Mile-wide plant spiders crawl from the Earth to the moon on vast webs.