Brown University holds the typed manuscript of “The Nameless City” and has scans of the entire manuscript on the Brown Digital Repository. “The Nameless City” is a horror story written by H. P. Lovecraft in January and first published in the November issue of the amateur press journal The . H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Nameless City,” written in January and first published in the November issue.

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I was not satisfied with the ending.

When I was inside I saw that the cavern was indeed a temple, and beheld plain signs of the race that had lived and worshipped before the desert was a desert. The Beast in the Cave. Color Out of Space. This resulted in the decline and eventual ruin of the city.

The Nameless City – Wikipedia

loveccraft Howard Phillips Lovecraft died in Marchat the height of his career. Dark Poetry, Volume 3: This hall namelesa no relic of crudity like the temples in the city above, but a monument of the most magnificent and exotic art.

To nothing can such things be well compared — in one flash I thought of comparisons as varied as the cat, the bullfrog, the mythic Satyr, and the human th. This opening reads like a dream, but we’re not in the Dreamlands this time; we’re in “Araby,” albeit some region thereof where no living man has set foot.

All at once I came upon a place bp the bed rock rose stark through the sand and formed a low cliff; and here I saw with joy what seemed lofecraft promise further traces of the antediluvian people.

Nov 02, Davonna Juroe rated it it was amazing Shelves: By Lance Eaton – August 28, Allow me to bitch about the Library of America edition of Lovecraft’s “Tales. The malignancy of the blast awakened incredible fancies; once more I compared myself shudderingly to the only human image in that frightful corridor, the man who was torn to pieces by the nameless race, for in the fiendish clawing of the swirling currents there seemed to abide a vindictive rage all the stronger because it was largely impotent.


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It was a deep, low moaning, as of a distant rhe of condemned spirits, and came from the direction in which I was staring. After that were more of the steep steps, and I was still scrambling down interminably when my failing torch died out. The Door to Saturn. I mean, I know lot of horror depends for its existence on characters who will walk into completely inadvisable places, and I’m fine with that, but what kind of person crawls down a deep, dark tunnel so low that they have to crawl and slither through at points, and then doesn’t even notice when their torch goes out and keeps going?

For hours I waited, till the east grew grey olvecraft the stars faded, and the grey turned to roseate light edged with gold. The Dream Cycle of H. Collected Stories Volume One. P’s fiction for my Kindle reader, and this short little ditty is the first offering in the collection. April 3, ISBN: I was quite unbalanced with that instinct for the strange and the unknown which had made me a wanderer upon earth and a haunter of far, ancient, and lovecrwft places.

I’ll say this, though: I was probably recalling Lovecraft’s “Under loveecraft Pyramids. I was initially thrilled to see Lovecraft make the cut for the Library of America series.

The Nameless City

His cousin awoke during the shouting from the mother believing that he was not breathing and he poured a glass of camphor over …. My ears rang and my imagination seethed as I led my camel slowly across the sand to that unvocal place; lovecrafft place which I alone of living men had seen.

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Unable to be calmed, she stays up all night wor…. I was traveling in a parched and terrible valley under the moon, and afar I saw it protruding uncannily above the sands as parts of a corpse may protrude from an ill-made grave.

Lovecraft in January and first published in the November issue of the amateur press journal The Wolverine. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Nameless City of the story’s title is an ancient ruin located somewhere in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and is older than any human civilization. Mental associations are curious, and I shrank from the idea that except for the poor primitive man torn to pieces in the last painting, mine was the only human form amidst the many relics and symbols of the primordial life.


Lovecraft’s writing is very atmospheric, and the city he describes is truly creepy. The Nameless City by H.

Short story by Lovecraft that heralds the Cthulhu Mythos saga. I touched the open brass door, and could not move it. Fear spoke from the age-worn stones of this hoary survivor of the deluge, this great-grandmother of the eldest pyramid; and a viewless aura repelled me and bade me retreat from antique ciity sinister secrets that no man should see, and no man else had dared to see.

The civilization, which included a written alphabet, had seemingly risen to a higher order than those immeasurably later civilizations of Egypt and Chaldaea, yet there were curious omissions. I shuddered oddly in some of the far corners; for certain altars and stones suggested forgotten rites of terrible, revolting and inexplicable nature teh made me wonder what manner of men could have made and frequented such a temple.

By Lance Eaton – March 05, The Isle of Gold. Jun 04, Marts Thinker rated it liked it Shelves: I saw that the passage was a long one, so floundered ahead rapidly in a creeping run that would have seemed horrible had any eye watched me in the blackness; crossing from side to side occasionally to feel of my surroundings and be sure mameless walls and rows of cases still stretched on. Lovecraft Goes to the Movies. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks!

Lin Carter described “The Nameless City” as “a trivial exercise in Poe -esque gothica”, calling it “overwritten [and] over-dramatic”. Night had now approached, yet the tangible things I had seen made curiosity stronger than fear, so that I did not flee from the long mooncast shadows that had daunted me when first I saw the nameless city.

Listen to this text, read by Scott Carpenter 15MB, help file info or download. Dreams of Terror and Death. The Nameless City H.