Where there is no option to download separate Model Release for Minors, use Model Release for Dreamstime Logo | Stock Photo Agencies. Dreamstime Adds Model Release Library. which can be hacked. You can read the full thread here: We attached .. Now they rejected an image telling the model release in not good legally or not in english.

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We are generally looking for well defined commercial concepts, marketable compositions that show creative insight. And that is Model Releases in a nutshell. If you select a payment via bank check, it usually takes model_relexse weeks for the check to reach you. The keywords do not function in searches while the image is still being indexed. All other applications are considered commercial in nature. What else can I do? The files waiting to be reviewed are listed under the “Pending files” section within Model_releasse Account.

Close-up Completion of the model release.

The approval ratio limitation applies only to images that are in Unfinished area. If the keywords are never changed while navigating these pages, then the initial “smiling woman” set is saved and shown as used by the buyer. The MR document can carry your company’s logo, but we don’t accept documents signed specifically for other agencies or that carry their logo. You can reply to mention that the user accidentally clicked the flag instead of saving the image.


Contribute Want to share a cool tutorial or technique that would benefit our community? Regular Model Release documents need to be printed. Our advanced search engine includes an age parameter so if your model moves for instance from the yrs old category to the yrs old category, a new model release for the same person must be added and used accordingly.

You are provided with an ETR Estimated Time until Review for each file however, please keep in mind that the ETR is an approximation and it can vary according to numerous factors: Anyone can access the FTP upload service, or is it limited by one’s approval ratio?

Release Forms for Models and Properties | Stock Photo Adviser

The price per credit PPC can also be affected by seasonal promotions and discount campaigns. More account closure details can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Passive mode on FTP Upload?

The following fields are mandatory for all model releases for adults: Ensure your email provider or cm spam filter is not blocking our emails. Image of a person signing the model release Signing of model release.

FAQ / Contributor-related questions

Note that sometimes buyers will accidentally use the flag button instead of “Add to lightbox”. How do I fill in the model release document? If the amount you already converted equals the price of a package we will award the same bonus.


If you still don’t see your images in your account after more than 24 hours, something must have gone wrong, you can try re-uploading them. If your image contains several models, you can attach multiple MR documents by holding down your CTRL key while selecting the desired documents.

Parking with snow background Aww, Russia – My image was approved but I cannot see it in my portfolio. I want to join your review staff and be a photo editor. You could use FileZilla, a free and easy to use client. No, you can ask the model to sign your own Model Release, IF it contains all required information as our own MR document and all needed legal paragraphs.

Gender Any Male Female.

Color Composition Any Color Monochrome. How do I activate my FTP account? This procedure avoids a second resubmission as well as affecting the contributor’s approval ratio.

If you encounter difficulties, use our contact form to report issues related to the FTP upload. In Moscow Closeup of model release document and a pen. For on-the-go photographers, it is helpful to have a cellphone app like Easy Release that allows you to easily gather the information and generate a release on the fly.