Huawei Technologies Proprietary HUAWEI U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System Operation Manual – Configuration Guide VR Huawei. Support for Multi-Country-Code and Multi-Area-Code .. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Technical Manual – System Description. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Operation Manual No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any.

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A manal online help page is displayed in the right window, as shown in Figure Because server 3 is configured in server access strategy in this example, the authentication succeeds, and you can operate maintenance at maintenance terminal 1.

You can obtain higher response speed by increasing bandwidth of the port, or save network resources by decreasing bandwidth of the port.

The log file is a text file; the default file name is ppt. Both of them are written with the full paths of programs and files, as shown below: However, the core file list is not modified accordingly so that the server software cannot be started. Check for the Installation Directory The main purpose of the check is to confirm whether the installation directory of the SysPatron is complete.

Accessing Ngn/ip Pbx (mgcp) – Huawei ESpace IADH Quick Start Manual [Page 15]

The manual contains two sections: If the parameter is set to any character string, it indicates that the integrity is detected every several hours. If exceptions occur frequently, the disk huaweu must be more larger so as to ensure the normal log backup.


If the input number is not an integer, the decimal fraction is neglected automatically. Appendix A Description of Installation Folders Otherwise, maintenance operation fails. The equipment cost decreases because the RAC and the RAS do not use sfotx3000 separate server, and maintenance operation focuses on maintenance terminals.

It is not necessary to generate verification files. At present, the frequently-used remote maintenance is to access remote servers in the dial-up mode.

Proxy servers must provide maintenance ports to connect with servers, which are restricted by firewalls, so the firewall setting must be modified. The default value is 10; that is, at most 10 maintenance terminals can be connected. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Thus, it is convenient for operation. Administration Building, Huawei Technologies Co.

The setting of the detection file list is same as that of the core file list. Only installation programs and installation prompts are different. The program has been defined in the core file list. Compared with the dial-up access mode, the iWeb remote maintenance huaei system features fast communication speed, high reliability, and low maintenance cost.

At last, the chapter takes an example to illustrate the working process of the iWeb remote maintenance access system.

U-SYS SoftX3000 BAM User Manual

The overstriking and italic part is the log function configuration option. This file is to configure various working parameters of the system patron. After the detection, you should manhal backup files to replace deleted or modified verification files. Figure New connection after the check z If the authentication of connection request fails, a new server icon is displayed on the RAC interface.


Parameters or marks that must be modified in the example are overstriking and italic. Skftx3000 monitor Verification file is inexistent. If any of them is deleted, the SysPatron cannot be started. The default language should be set as English and the area should be set as English-speaking huawdi on RAS. If you still cannot solve problems, contact Technical Support Department of Huawei. The following describes operation steps in configuring log functions. The window includes the following: The processing flow is: If both are selected, the corresponding options of bi-directional port and reporting port will be ticked.

Other parameters are set to default values. Disable integrity detection function System monitor Stopping system monitor.

Huawei eSpace IAD101H Quick Start Manual: Accessing Ngn/ip Pbx (mgcp)

Moreover, the system patron deletes log files saved for a long period periodically. IP addresses are displayed below the server icons. The icon color is sky blue, as shown in Figure Figure shows the basic operation procedure.