THE DECISIVE TREATISE, DETERMINING THE NATURE OF THE lawyer, imam, judge, and unique scholar, Abul Wahd Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Rushd. Ibn Rushd often Latinized as Averroes was a Muslim Andalusian philosopher and thinker who .. In Decisive Treatise, Averroes argues that philosophy— which for him represented conclusions reached using reason and careful. The Book Of The DECISIVE TREATISE Determining The Connection Between The Law And Wisdom. Translated by Charles E. Butterworth. In the name of God, .

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The rest of the verse reads, ” Indeed, if it were said to him that the sun is about or times greater than the earth, he treatide count this statement as madness on the part of the one who makes it. They also affirm that the world exists infinitely into the treattise. He may be referring to the way al-Ghazali excludes the first rank — essential — from being interpreted or, alternatively, to the way al-Ghazali brings together the sense-perceptible and imaginary ranks.

Back Persian and Iranian Studies. Nevertheless, aside from this and other problems raised, on some of which Aquinas takes him to task, Ibn Rushd succeeded in providing an explanation of the human soul and intellect that did not involve an immediate transcendent agent.

Ibn Rushd (Averroes) | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Theologians affirm that time did not declsive before the existence of the world, since time is related to the motion of physical bodies. In his last commentary—called the Long Commentary —he proposes another theory, which becomes known as the theory of “the unity of the intellect “. Though written before his exile his Decisive Treatise provides an apologetic for those theologians who charged philosophers with unbelief.

God, therefore, does not know that event when it occurs, as humans would, because he rusjd always known it. For if we were to assume the art of geometry and, likewise, the art of astronomy to be nonexistent in this time of ours, and if a single man wished to ruhd on his own the sizes of the heavenly bodies, their shapes, and their distances from one another, that would not be possible for him — for example, to become cognizant of the size of the sun with respect to the earth and of other things about the sizes of the planets — not even if he were by nature the most intelligent person, unless it were ihn means of revelation or something resembling revelation.


The philosopher, when following the proper order of education, should not be harmed by his studies, hence it is wrong to forbid the study of philosophy.

His goal was to examine the religious doctrines that are held by the public and determine if any of the many doctrines expounded by the different sects were the intention of the “lawgiver.

And that is manifest in His statement, “Call to the path of your Lord by wisdom, fine preaching, and arguing with them by means of what is finest” [ He cites examples from Islamic history when the Rashidun caliphate —which in Sunni tradition represented the ideal state led by “rightly guided caliphs”—became a dynastic state under Muawiyahfounder of the Umayyad dynasty.

The Three Classes of Assent Ibn Rushd finds pre-existing material forms in Quranic texts such as While this article focuses on Ibn Rushd’s own philosophical writings, a word about the significant number of commentaries he wrote is important. Do you want God and His messenger to be accused of lying?

Namely, the Epistle Dedicatory. Notes to the Translation of the Decisive Treatise. Yet God has already described them as those who have faith in Him, and this refers only to faith coming about from demonstration. That is because our knowledge of them is an effect of what is known, so that it is generated when the known thing is generated and changes when it changes. This period of disgrace did not last long, however, and Ibn Rushd returned to Cordoba two years later, but died the following year.

The term is fa c il and, were it not for the declaration at the end of the next paragraph, might better be rendered here as “Maker.

The Decisive Treatise is perhaps the most controversial work of Averroes Ibn Rushd, and belongs to a trilogy which boldly represent the philosophical contribution to Islamic theology of this famous Andalusian commentator on Aristotle.


That is because the three sorts of indications due to which no one is exempted from assenting to what he is responsible for being cognizant of — I mean, the rhetorical, dialectical, and demonstrative indications — lead to these three roots.

Ibn Rushd (Averroes) (1126—1198)

The Decisive Treatise is perhaps the most controversial work of Averroes Ibn Rushd, and belongs to a trilogy together with the Incoherence of the Incoherence and the Disclosure of the Proof Methodswhich boldly represent the philosophical contribution to Treatisf theology of this famous Andalusian commentator on Aristotle. She specializes in medieval Islamic philosophy and more recently in Aquinas and Hegel.

And it has already become evident from our statement that the matter is not like that. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Despite the political support given to philosophy because of the Mutazilites and the early philosophers, a strong anti-philosophical movement rose through theological schools like the Hanbalites and the Asharites. It is the desire of one that moves the planets in one way, and the desire of the other that moves them in the opposite direction.

In the present work, Rhshd. At times, in fhe effort to explain complex ideas in Aristotle, Ibn Rushd would rationalize the philosopher in directions that would not seem authentic to contemporary interpreters of Aristotle.


The motion of these spheres is attributed to immortal intelligences, governed by a primary immutable and impersonal cause. The idea of the soul’s perfection occurring through having the active intellect as a iibn object of thought is introduced elsewhere, and its application to religious doctrine is seen. Don’t have an account? Law differs from what demonstration decisivs to, if the Law is considered and all of its parts scrutinized, there will invariably be found in the utterances of the Law something whose apparent sense bears witness, or comes close to bearing witness, to that interpretation.