This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. Building Mobile Apps Using Intel® XDK. iOS, Android and Windows Phone Development. (17). students. Created by QScutter Tutorials. Last updated 6/.

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Getting Started With Mobile Apps Tutorial | Intel® Software

You can also choose a simple blank template to start with an essentially empty project. For example you can manually add a back button and rutorials a title.

It also supports developing Internet of Things Node. The developer tutorjals make use of the rutorials hardware features on all mobile devices and have the UI specific for each OS platform. The x86 APK is only for some devices like tablets that use an Intel processor. A typical Intel XDK project corresponds to an app and provides a container for your project files and associated settings. AppOptics Gain visibility into your applications and infrastructure.

This is my personal blog where I write about programming and technologies that I learn and feel interesting to share. This simulation is designed to provide an idea of how your app will render on various devices and form factors.

Click on build button. Use the Intel XDK on your development machine and the App Preview tool on your test mobile device to evaluate — over the network — how your app looks and performs on a real physical mobile device without performing a full build. The build tab can then be used to export your game. With the exception of Crosswalk for Android packages, all packages use the built-in WebView embedded browser that inntel part of the target mobile device firmware to xd, render your app.

Everything will start from this element. Remember to also set the app id to something like com. You can test your app via a test server in the cloud or via a local Wi-Fi network to untel both your development machine and test mobile device are connected. Articles Quick Answers Messages. Click on the big Build App Now button. The simulator is actually a web app that runs inside a node WebKit. One of the most confusing and turorials topics of mobile application development is executing code and accessing hardware components like Microphone, Blue We will be creating an sample application which lets you take a picture using camera or On your development system, test the virtual tuotrials by clicking on your app’s buttons or controls to simulate a user using your app on a real device.


Packages support Cordova CLI 5. The emulator is actually a web app that runs inside a node WebKit. Viewport height and width of the application on same device changes according to the orientation of the app. All your project files are stored locally on your development machine. If you think modifications to your code are necessary, you can do it via the debugger window. Many times you would have seen a loading indicator in status bar while using a app. In this tutorial I will show how to integrate pu Url of the website.

It can be used for many other ca In the second Javascript block you can configure whether you want to use the native platform look that this device is running or force the application to use iOS7 for every device it runs on.

Click on Emulate ,You will get the following screen,you can also change the device from left panel devices option. Templates – Use to build an app based on different types of app user interfaces. In this second part we will look at the frameworks available that help us build an app and start building a simple photo sharing app with the App Framework.

Use the built-in code editor to edit XDKTutorial app code. Your app runs within an inner HTML frame.

I specialize in Blockchain and JavaScript. Virtualization for System Programmers.


Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

Instead, click on Projects in the top-left to show all your Intel XDK projects and to edit the settings of the project. As of this note the current iOS version of App Preview was 2. This is what we will do in this tutorial.

Use the QR code with the App Preview QR code reader accessible from the camera icon to launch your app on your test mobile device. If you use a code editor external to the Intel XDK, you must click the Reload App icon on the toolbar to update all files and restart your app when you return to the xxdk. Try clicking the Beep and Vibrate buttons and see what happens.

It doesn’t matter if the device is plugged in or not. Deleting a project from the project list does not delete the project files or directory from your development machine. Tutogials now we will choose android. Here is your initial screen after creating a project,In screen, you can see the left sidebar displays the directory structure of a project,then the UI elements are given to draw design layout. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This up-to-date web runtime engine may implement HTML5 features more correctly than the web runtime on a real mobile device, especially if that mobile device has an old OS version.

It can be deployed as a packaged hybrid mobile app on many platforms Android, Android Crosswalk, Apple iOS, and Windows 8 or as a hosted web app for certain web- or OS-based platforms. In this tutorial I will show how to integrate push notification in a Cordova Yutorials apps.

Everything works as expected except the back button. Click the Close Build Page button. A window will ask you for a name so enter your game name and another window will ask for a few details: