L’Interferometria SAR Terrestre per il monitoraggio geotecnico e strutturale. Landslide monitoring by Terrestrial SAR Interferometry: critical analysis of different. Applied Remote SEnsing Training. interferometrıa diferencial SAR1 (DInSAR) se han establecido como la . Las técnicas de Interferometrıa SAR (InSAR) nacen con el objetivo de medir distancias.

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In this inteerferometria, the ability of advanced satellite interferometry to monitor pre-failure landslide behaviours and the potential application of this technique to Failure Forecasting Methods FFMs are analysed. We call interferogram the image of the pixel to pixel phase differences.

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Some ground deformation processes have been detected and measured. In particolare, tra le tecnologie emergenti in tale ambito, i sistemi di telerilevamento Mazzanti, interferpmetria avuto un ruolo predominante. Mechanism of the Interferkmetria Landslide Inferred by Geological Survey and Remote Sensing L’abitato di Montescaglioso si imposta al top di una collina a circa m s. The symptoms are due to the weather and the frost cycles that are no longer counteracted by the time of disuse, including the mortar washout, exfoliation of the bricks and the deviation from the vertical.

Integrating geomechanical surveys and remote sensing for sea cliff slope stability analysis: Spectrum1 Spectrum2 If the spectrum shif is equal to the critical one see the formula abovethey automatically loose part of the correlation they have spatial decorrelation. The temporal coherence can NOT be filtered out, it is a property of the image. This study demonstrates the great potential of Terrestrial Interferometry in the landslide risk forecasting.

Geotechnical monitoring can be a powerful tool for an effective maintenance of transportation assets and for safety purposes. I risultati ottenuti hanno consentito una caratterizzazione dettagliata dei processi che hanno causato negli ultimi anni gravi danni ad edifici ed interffrometria.

The two SAR images are only partially correlated because of the temporal interval between the acquisitions. Investigation of landslides past activity. Interfeeometria partecipato a numerosi progetti di ricerca sia in campo nazionale che internazionale.


Oltre 90 fenomeni franosi che coinvolgono un piccolo bacino fluviale del centro Italia sono stati analizzati mediante la combinazione di rilievi in sito e tecniche di telerilevamento. Survey and Inventorying to update the CEDIT catalogue Il lavoro descrive l’approccio metodologico utilizzato per identificare e catalogare gli effetti sismo-indotti generati dal terremoto di Amatrice 24 agostoMw 6.

In general it is likely that the longer the time interval between acquisitions, the stronger the temporal decorrelation. Attraverso specifiche configurazioni di installazione, la tecnologia interferometrica terrestre consente di misurare simultaneamente gli spostamenti di numerosi punti che ricadono nel campo di vista strumentale, con elevata frequenza di campionamento fino a centinaia di Hertz ed elevata risoluzione spaziale 0,5 m lungo la linea di vista.

Monitoring the historical deformations of a slope. Il caso di studio ha rappresentato un esperimento in scala 1: An instrument used to interfere waves is called an interferometer. Investigation of a glacier moraine in Antarctica. A prioritizations map of the cliff in terms of stability interventions is achieved that can be easily used by local authorities in charge of land management.

This mode can be operated both in single-pass and multi-pass configurations. Understanding the subsidence process of a quaternary plain by combining geological and hydrogeological modelling with satellite InSAR data: The Ciminiera del Tannino is a double pipe brickwork chimney, tall about 45 m and based on a cilindrical base tall 2.

Toward transportation asset management: An interferogram is a complex image with a magnitude given by the product of the SAR amplitudes and b phase the InSAR phase given by the path length difference, as well as variations of the scattering properties and the medium conditions. Monitoraggio e analisi geostrutturali falesie con Interferometria Terrestre, Laser Scanner e Termografia a Infrarossi. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Auth with social network: The morphologies of the landslides are described, especially concerning those characteristics that can provide information on the dynamics and velocity. Inoltre, sono state eseguite le simulazioni preliminari della valanga di neve di Gotschnawang, considerando anche la presenza di strutture di attenuazione.


Inferring the high velocity of landslides in Valles Marineris on Mars from morphological analysis. Thanks to the historical archives of images available sinceto the present space missions and those planned for the near future, NHAZCA performs historical displacement analysis thus providing quantitative data also in areas where no monitoring equipment was installed in the past and provides monitoring services for the control of the present evolution of the investigated phenomena.


Gestione infrastrutture viarie strade, autostrade, ferrovie etc. In order to estimate its actual static and dynamic behavior, to predict its load carrying capacity and to preliminary estimate its remaining service life, an extensive campaign assessment is carried out by Terrestrial Radar Interferometry.

The critical value of the baseline at which complete decorrelation occurs is given by: SGAM is a program that takes advantage of sensors collecting data in order to make risk assessment continuously updated over time.

This is also referred to as temporal decorrelation term and depends on the stability of the objects between the two acquisitions. The results highlight the daily and seasonal cyclical behavior of the rock mass.

First simulations of well documented snow avalanches occurred in the Davos region, Switzerland i. The recent advanced interferometric techniques A-DInSAR exploit the presence of natural reflectors such buildings, infrastructures, rocks etc. La frana del marzo ha causato numerosi danni alle abitazioni private circostanti e alle infrastrutture, provocando inoltre lo sbarramento naturale del Fiume Bidente.

In this paper, a new approach for the investigation of rock cliff and the prioritization of rock fall hazard based on the integration of remote-sensed data ground-based SAR, Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Infrared Thermography has been developed and applied to a real coastal cliff.

For C-Band sensors it is about 2. Per informazioni su edizioni future si prega di contattare la segreteria all’indirizzo: