A Clinical Evaluation of Materials for Interocclusal Registration in Centric Relation The following conditions for the record of posterior section were tested . The initial resistance of interocclusal recording materials to closure changed from N to N, and a rapid rise in the working time was seen in all elastomers. Statement of Problem: Interocclusal recording materials should have good dimensional stability for precise articulation. Purpose:The aim of this in vitro study.

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Matetials accuracy of elastomeric recording materials and associated weight change. An experimental study of vertical deviations induced by different interocclusal recording materials. Occlusal registrations using alginate irreversible hydrocolloid impression material. Differential accuracy of elastomeric recording materials and associated weight change.

Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.

Evaluation of vertical accuracy of interocclusal records. A recordin of two methods for locating the intercuspal position ICP whilst mounting casts on an articulator.

Warren K, Capp N.

How to cite this article. Comparative evaluation of dimensional stability of three types of interocclusal recording materials: Clinical factors and clinical variation influencing the reproducibility of interocclusal recording methods.


Thus, intermaxillary recording plays an extremely important role in final results. Interocclusal recording materials should have good dimensional stability for precise articulation.

The success of any prosthetic rehabilitating treatment depends on several aspects related to the precise mounting of casts in the articulator. This article has been cited by. Philips science of Dental materials. The samples were measured using an optical microscope with a micrometer provision.

Determination intdrocclusal the accuracy of laminated wax interocclusal wafers. A total of 30 samples were made with each group consisting of ten samples.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. How to cite this article: On the other hand, when large edentulous spaces are present, specifically in posterior free end cases, cast mounting is considerably more complex 7.

Moreover, successful treatment is highly dependent on precise mounting of the casts in the articulator. An interocclusal record made of a combination of wax and acrylic resin. Int J Prosthodont ;3: However, the accuracy of different interocclusal record materials to articulate digital models has yet to be evaluated.


A method of recording the interocclusal relationship of the teeth. Study of the accuracy of different recording materials. Oral rehabilitation involves a sequence of steps that must be followed in a highly judicious manner.

J Prosthet Dent ; Small portions of alginate were placed above and below the resin plate.

Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.

Figure 6 illustrates the differences between the measurements obtained with the interocclusal records and the standard measurements.

Related articles Bite registration material dimensional stability interocclusal records. Notwithstanding the criticisms, this is still the most often used material in daily clinical practice because of its ease of handling, clinical versatility and low cost 3, The materials used in the study were polyvinylsiloxane Virtualzinc oxide eugenol paste Superbite and Bite registration wax Alumax.

Polyvinyl siloxane is a more accurate interocclusal recording material when articulating digital models according to the process described in this study. An experimental study on particular physical properties of several interocclusal recording media.