Get this from a library! BDI-II: inventario de depresión de Beck-II: manual. [Aaron T Beck; Robert A Steer; Gregory K Brown]. BDI-II. Inventario de Depresion de Beck. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Paidos. Beck, A. T., & Steer, R. A. (). Internal consistencies of the original and revised. The first Spanish adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) was published in This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of its first.

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Propiedades Psicométricas del Inventario de Depresión de Beck-II en Adolescentes Chilenos

CFA was performed with the remaining individuals in depresio combined sample and results for the inventarko models are reported in Table 3. A systematic review of the epidemiological literature. Scree plot analysis indicated that a two-factor solution was parsimonious. Journal of Health Psychology. Principles and practice of structural equation modeling ce ed New York: The majority were single Once the activity was completed, a focus group was used to enable individuals to share their appreciations concerning items, response format, instructions, and to check for discrepancies in the interpretation or meanings.

Criterion-based validity have also shown acceptable sensitivity and specificity of the BDI-II for detecting depression, supporting its clinical utility as an aid measure for diagnostic purposes [ 21415 ].

Communicating with Spanish-speaking patients.

A beginner ‘s guide to structural equation modeling 2nd ed. As such, the psychometric properties reported may not be robust. First, this adaptation addressed issues with regional language and readability previously discussed. Interested individuals who were residents of Mexico were read an informed consent form and asked if they wanted to participate.


Selected Proceedings of the third workshop on Spanish sociolinguistics. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 1, In particular, it would be worthwhile to further examine the capacity of BDI-II scores to discriminate between depressed and non-depressed subjects. Moreover, despite that cultural convergence is being accelerated due to increased globalization [ 39 ] and that major depression has been reported worldwide [ 40 ] there are considerable cross-cultural differences in the symptomatology of depression [ 41 ].

Psychological Assessment, 12, Despite all limitations, we note that this is the first study to demonstrate the construct validity and reliability of the BDI-II in Dominican Bdii-ii. Negative attitude, difficulty and somatic. No statistically significant relationship with age was observed. Cognitive-affective and somatic For ds, one can compare differences between English and Spanish forms in a bilingual sample, or using dual-language split-half methodology which involves having two forms where alternate halves are in English and Spanish.

Scale construction and psychometrics for social and personality psychology. Thus, in contrast to different authors who advocate the use of BDI-II total scores and questioned the validity of subscales [ 1334 ], the present findings support the use of the BDI-II total score along with scores corresponding to each subscale, in agreement with Beck et al.


The three-factor Osman et al.

Adaptation of the BDI-II in Mexico

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Thus, even using the exactly same words the interpretation and meaning may be quite different [ 45 ].

Sensitivity to underparameterized model misspecification. Current study In summary, although factorial data suggests that bifactor models outperform multidimensional models—regardless of the number of specific factors—findings are not conclusive [ 363738 ]. Psychometric properties of a Persian-language version of the Beck depression inventory-second edition: There was neither difficulty in understanding nor negative commentaries about the scale content.

Rendimiento diagnóstico y estructura factorial del Inventario de Depresión de Beck-II (BDI-II)

Students had a mean score of 9. A quantitative hierarchical model for DSM-V. Journal of Child and FamilyStudies.

Results have consistently shown good internal consistency and test-retest reliability of the BDI-II incommunity [ 91011 ] adolescent and adult clinical outpatients [ 12 ] as well as in adult inventtario inpatients [ 13 ]. The limitations of model fit in comparing the bifactor versus higher-order models of human cognitive ability structure. Of the original sample, 15 were discarded due to incomplete information, leavingof whom