by Mario Livio. “Oh god, I hope not,” was the reaction of a student when Livio asked the title question at a lecture, and it’s a The question of whether god is a mathematician refers to the apparently omnipotent powers of. The British mathematician G. H. Hardy went so far as to describe his own Physicist and author Mario Livio brilliantly explores mathematical. Mario Livio. Space Telescope. Science Institute. Is God a. Mathematician? Page 2. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of. Mathematics. “How is it possible that.

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Chapter six discusses the effect of non-Euclidean geometries on the issues. He seems to have an odd bias against Gauss, for reasons I don’t understand, and Euler barely receives mention. He centers his book around two questions: Historical anecdotes and interesting facts liven up the pace and we gain plenty of insight into characters, as well as theory.

Gets a little thick towards the end as Livio addresses statistics. Jul 18, Steven Williams rated it really liked it. Chapter seven explores the main question of the book directly, and finally Livio wraps things up by including whether mathematics is invented or discovered.

He says it’s both: He steers skillfully through deep and tricky waters, but writes with clarity and mathematicain The Hardy-Weinberg law allows population geneticists to predict how genes are transmitted from one generation to the next, and Hardy’s work on the theory of numbers found unexpected implications in the development of codes. In my opinion mathematics exists independent of human minds but God for whatever reason has given us mathematical minds with which we have used with great success to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

Livio jumps off from there to do a very quick run through the liio of mathematics from Pythagoras and Plato to Einstein and modern day theoretical physicists by way of Archimedes, Galileo, DeCartes, Newton, Gauss, Riemann, Boole, and Russell. Goc astonishing that the human mind is attuned to this hidden subtext of nature! But are we being misled by a sort of observational bias?


Is God a Mathematician? – Mario Livio – Google Books

Books by Mario Livio. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

There is no technical texts in this book, you won’t find any math doodles or riddles to think about and solve by yourself. Is God A Mathematician? He also “keeps the hard stuff to a minimum,” in the words of a Publishers Weekly review. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox.

This is “popular mathematics”, or rather “popular philosophy”, in the true sense of the word. As any experienced tour guide, Mario Livio leaves you better educated from the journey, and curious for more. First off, I’ll begin by recommending this book to anyone who: Hay trozos en los que reconozco que se necesita cierta soltura de razonamiento. Great information that debates the issue of whether math is invented or discovered which I personally believe is a mix of both.

What’s more, the mathematics required to solve a particular problem, for example to describe the nature of sub-atomic particles, has often been developed decades, or even centuries, before the problem was first posed. Senior astrophysicist at the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute and author of a few other math books aimed at the general public, Mario Livio has written a short, accessible, and in many ways profound exploration of the nature of mathematics.

Jan 04, Nostromo rated it liked it. Mathematicians themselves often insist that their work has no practical effect. Some dry humor made it interesting.


Tuhan Yang Gemar Matematika. The meat of mathematics were not Euclid’s geometric shapes or Pythagoras’s numbers, but the rules imposed by logic. Why is it that mathematics seems to hold this mysterious triangle together?

Is mathematics ls invented or discovered? Now all that existed was an incomplete formal “game,” expressed in mathematical language. This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions. Even the brief description I have presented so far already provides overwhelming evidence of a universe that is either governed by mathematics or, at the very least, susceptible to analysis through mathematics.

‘Is God a mathematician?’ |

He lives in Baltimore, Maryland. The answer to the question “Is God a Mathematician” depends very much on your world view. However, most of this book is math history.

Price may vary by retailer. Along the way, Livio provides a fascinating mini-history of the development of math, biographies of some o In Is God A Mathematician, Mario Livio tries to explain the “unreasonable effectiveness” of mathematics to make sense of nature.

Alfred North Whitehead remarked: Nevertheless, it remains that the universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician. Mario Livio born is an Israeli-American astrophysicist and an author of works that popularize science and mathematics.

Is God a Mathematician?

He was so pleased with this result mtahematician he requested it be engraved on his tombstone. Join our mailing list! I believe the book would be accessible to the lay person. In this book, Livio addresses the question of why the principles and laws of mathematics seem so “unreasonably effective” in explaining the physical world.