Jamil Bashir Oud Method (VOL1 & 2 pdf) – update II – I was thinking that it may Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1 · Jamil Bashir Oud Method. THE OUD. The Way to Teach It. Volume 1. by Jamil Bashir. Teacher of Oud, Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad. Prepared by Habibe Zohor El-Abeas. I had an introductory course in Oud last year and it only lasted for four weeks and only two classes per Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1.

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Oud Method – Oud Method by Bashir

The resolution of the files is such that I cannot read the “rosette” diagrams on pages 80 and 92 of book 2. Just right click on the link and chose ” save link as” or “save target as” and it should work, if you just click it will load methox pdf in your browser and you can save it when finished, it will take a while or more depending on the speed of your connection.

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Jack Campin – http: Another finding while trying to understand the pages jdowning was inquiring about is that there is a note of a 3rd volume but I don’t know if it was ever published, this diagram is a transposition chart but it is too small and difficult to trnslate, here is the best resolution I have.

Just want to say that like many of you I am a “student” of these forums, I took hundred of lessons just by reading around. As you say “a few hundred around the world will do Jamil Bashir the honor of spending hours, days, months and years learning oud in his books”, Thank you to give us the bullets to reply against their war.

Thank you Alami, you are the best.

Thanks for the higher resolution images and translations to English. So I said to myself what the hell! Not mehhod in [ Login – Register ]. I think it is a part of a bigger book I have only 24 baehirthere is an interesting maqam analysis of two compositions and an answer to a question I asked many times without having a clear explanation: We are in resistance http: Jack, you shouldn’t be asked for a username and password, may be you can try from another computer, or try “copy link location” in Firefox and paste in a new tab address header.

I dont think you are in any danger of being sought after by the Iraqi education ministry.


Bosnia Member Is Offline Mood: Thanks again to all, it is a pleasure This is what it was written for, for all future generations of oud players wherever they may be. Canada Member Is Offline Mood: Melbourne, Samir, Alex, Yeslamou chabab!

I have a question for those who’ve had time to go through the material.

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It is a symbolic sign drawn in the beginning of the left side of the musical sep to find the level of the sound and find out the place where you draw the signs and the keys there are 3 different shapes.

I can’t download it using IE5 for the Mac either. He is a very nice and helpful guy, he explained that it is an edition from s and he sent me the cover of the first edition attached He gave me also a copy of a very old and very badly printed arabic book: I guess coming from a classical background made me a little hesitant to bend the rules.

I’m sure this book would sell enough copies worldwide and continue to be regular seller to make it a worthwhile investment venture, as well as an act of love.

This depends on how much time and effort you are able to put into this project and how satisfied you are with the end result. Musical signs notes its a language lets you write and read music and it consists of 7 letters different in shape so you can msthod the difference between the level of the steps of the different voices. Whatever fingering it takes to play the music with clarity, feeling, emotion, sensitivity and with proper speed and precision and feel comfortable and freely express one’s own unique individual ooud to playing oud is what is important I think.

A teacher named Salah El Maniah before me, he jamli very well, but there were some errors that I corrected — particularly the musical keys that came in the book. I think you made the right decision in sharing the oud method of Jamil Bashir with all those who will appreciate and make good use of it. Believe me dear Alami, without the tremendously excellent initiative taken by you and anyone who loves Arabic music, bazhir outstanding heritage will certainly; in the best case scenario; be kept on shelves and covered by tons of dust, if not thrown down the drain.

Thank you Alami, But i can’t download the files. Does this make any sense? This is really great and I agree that you are doing everyone a great service by making these books available. Restored Volume 2 Volume 2 digitally restored and methos much better now and I included basic english translation 2 versions available but the size went up: I am learning with that method and i have photocopies of bad photocopies.

  AFI 13-203 PDF

Does anyone find the recommended fingering a little different?? After I prepared the 2nd volume of the book of the oud and the way to teach it written by the teacher Jamil Bashir I found that it was necessary to go back and study the 1st volume because it is the foundation of the 2nd volume.

Jamil Bashir Oud Method Exercise

Thanks to all for your kind words, I did some research and tests about digital books restoration, the results seem promising. Hi Melbourne- speaking from both a guitar and oud players perspective, I would think that the finger you use to hold down that ‘F’ note as your example on the D string would sometimes be the 3rd finger or sometimes maybe the 2nd finger depending on where your fingers are coming from into that note, and then where you are going musically speaking after you finger that note.

However there have been a couple of places where I have chosen my own slight variation of a fingering. To all the people who love beauty in the arts… to all the lovers of music and the students of music… I lift this simple work to the people; hopefully it will please them. Hey thanks for 11 suggestions MatthewW. I got it too with Matheww’s help! Melbourne Oud Junkie Posts: Would it be an idea to have someone translate the most important parts of this?

Marina Oud Junkie Posts: I think the best we could jwmil right now is to follow in Alami’s footsteps and translate it ourselves.

Jack Campin – http: Any ideas or feedback on this? I will explain the mistakes that i corrected in the book and will show how I corrected them.

I can look at the pictures tho so Still very nice!

Even if it is only used by people on this forum at least it is OUT there Ok i got it. Like many others I had a very bad quality photocopies of photocopies and I was complaining of their quality, so a friend gave me a while ago on a cd bazhir folder full of unorganized jpg files of better quality to be exact: