Using JList import yout; import ; import javax. ; import lPane; public class JListTest { public static. JList is part of Java Swing package. JList is a component that displays a set of Objects and allows the user to select one or more items. JList inherits. In this example we are going to demonstrate how to use Java Swing JList, JList is a Swing component with which we can display a list of.

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The following figures show these two wrapping possibilities, together with the default, JList. For non-contiguous items, we need to press down the ctrl key and select with the mouse. They have disappeared from the display. In spite of the class name, a list does not have a DefaultListModel unless your program explicitly makes it so. Because the list tutorisl in single-selection mode, this code can use getSelectedIndex to get the index of the just-selected item.

Returns an array of all the selected values, in an increasing order based on their indices in the list. Get index of last visible item To make multiple list selections, you can use the anchor and lead indices of the selection items.


Using JList : JList « Swing « Java Tutorial

To display hierarchical data, use a tree. Selection event for double-clicking an item in the list. You can find the source code for ListDemo in ListDemo.

Head First Design Patterns. Use setSelectionMode to set what ranges of selections are acceptable. The getValueIsAdjusting method returns true if the user is still manipulating the selection.

SWING – JList Class

A container for pseud code. In ListDemo, try adding hiring and removing firing a few items. Returns the smallest selected cell index; the selection when only a single item is selected in the list.

Much of the operation of a list is managed by other objects. Any combination of items can be selected. Notifies ListSelectionListeners added directly to the list of selection changes made to the selection model. Featured Books Java Coding Guidelines: When the user selects an item, any previously selected item is deselected first. Set the current selection as indicated.

Using JList : JList « Swing « Java Tutorial

Resized Frame without Scrollbar. Let us now try tutorizl develop event handlers for JList. Let us now run the program: Here is the actionPerformed method for the action listener shared by the Hire button and the text field:.


For illustration purposes, we simply print this list on the console which prints the list of values selected.

Modifying the Data Model The following table describes the three list selection modes:.

But, ideally, we would want the scrollbar to appear in this case. Java Concurrency in Practice. Arranging Items in a JList Component Let us write a selection listener for JList.

Add comment Notify me of follow-up comments. The call to setSelectionMode specifies how many items the user can select, and whether they must be contiguous; the next section tells you more about selection modes. This article shows how to work with JList and proceeds to show some examples.