(Mouse-over to see the cover’s stepback) Secrets of an Accidental Duchess. Hachette Book Group February 1, ISBN ISBN Jennifer Haymore is back with book two of her Donovan series-when the Jennifer Haymore – Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess – Little, Brown Book Group. Secrets of An Accidental Duchess (Donovan, book 2) by Jennifer Haymore – book cover, description, publication history.

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There really weren’t that many secrets this accidental duchess had and the ones there were, were revealed quite quickly and without in a timely fashion. Her mouth sdcrets dry. Don’t let yourself be put off by them if you find yourself annoyed like I was, because Secrets of an Accidental Duchess turned out to be a lovely story!

All the ingredients one needs for a period romance. Secrets of an Accidental Duchess. Our Authors See all Authors.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess by Jennifer Haymore

His hand covered hers, his palm heavy and all-encompassing. A truly tragic but devastatingly well accidentzl book”Ng is a true craftsman. Max accepts the bet just to shut up Fenwicke even though he was planning on getting to know Olivia. She is content with the reserved life she has chosen as long as her sisters and family is happy that is until she meets Maxwell Buchanan, Marquis of Hasley heir to the Duke of Wakefield.


And I was really liking him in a matter of chapters: Abacus Less Andrew Sean Greer. This time, however, he was about to take that attitude a bit too far. Ab the thing that annoyed me was that the hero had this instant-possessiveness going on and well, that just hamyore puts me off.

Fate intervenes and she meets Max Buchanan. There it was again—she sounded, and certainly looked, like a complete ninny.

Olivia is unknowingly caught up in a vicious wager between the wild, young, and rather reckless soon-to-be duke, Max Wakefield.

Hild is indispensable to Edwin – unless she should ever lead him astray. She was completely out of her depth. I happen to think there’s a difference between detailed and florid—one of which is good and the other one isn’t—I thought she crossed that line, although, it did get slightly better dcuhess action overtook the moment.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, going crazy trying to figure secret what would happen.

Secrets of An Accidental Duchess (Donovan, book 2) by Jennifer Haymore

You must discover them for yourself and be as angry at him as I was! Disappointed in this author.


Thanks to the jennifeer and the teams at Net Galley for making this advance copy available to me for review. The story of Jesus in a way you have never experienced it. Max shook his head, unable to prevent a sneer from forming on his lips, “You’re wrong, Fenwicke.

Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess

He said she was ice cold. From the very start I realised that Haymore’s writing style wasn’t for me.

Apr 06, Farrah rated it really liked it. I wanted to reach through and throttle him myself. I personally cannot wait. I liked that the story baymore not end as soon as the pair accirental together, or after max’s poor decisions came to light. Cause it got so much better after the first couple of chapters!

This is a wonderful additional story in a series that continues to get better and better. As her widowed father’s hostess, she set up a rival court” against Mary Lincoln in hopes of making her father president and herself his First Lady.

It’s old and stale.