Childhood. Joseph Kentenich was born in Gymnich near Cologne in In , he went to the Saint Vincent orphanage in Oberhausen. At his admittance to. Father Joseph Kentenich was born in Gymnich near Cologne, Germany, on November 18, As a youth, he recognized his calling to become a priest. Joseph Kentenich, born in in Gymnich, near Cologne in Germany was the founder of the Schoenstatt Family Movement. He came from a ” good and.

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Meanwhile Father Kentenich gave endless retreats, conferences and formation courses. He then heard about the kenetnich of pilgrimage at Valle di Pompei in Kentenoch, a fairly recently established place of pilgrimage developed by an Italian lawyer, Bartolo Longo who put all his trust in the Virgin Mary. He began his novitiate in He is also remembered as a theologianeducator and pioneer of a Catholic response to an array of modern issues, whose teachings underwent a series of challenges from political and ecclesiastical powers.

Legal Notice Disclaimer Privacy Policy. Back in the sacristy for the thanksgiving prayer just after Mass,he suddenly has a heart attack; he receives the last sacraments and expires minutes later.

Retrieved 30 January Kentenich’s beatification, a year-old priest still in office declared, “Kentenich never received any official act of indictment.

About Nazism, he said, “I see no place where the water of baptism could run there”. Inunder the unanimous opinion of the German bishops, a papal decree declares the separation of Schoenstatt from the Pallottines.

The Founder: Fr. Joseph Kentenich –

This led to insecurity and rootlessness. This kind of language was not favourably received by those outside the Movement!

He thanks the Pope for the publication, two days earlier, of the constitution Provida Mater Ecclesiawhich created the Secular Institutes. Kenhenich us give thanks to God for the year drawing to an end, recognizing that all the good is His gift.

During that time, he set in place the foundations for his Work: Kentenich was released from Dachau in and returned to Schoenstatt at Pentecost.


This new book has a different format from usual, it is in black and white a lot of black, Read More. For this reason, Schoenstatt could not be totally a movement destined for a few, for an elite, or a community of leaders.

The Founder: Fr. Joseph Kentenich

The Covenant is what is known as the Covenant of Love made by all members of the Schoenstatt family in a little ceremony of consecration to Our Lady. What makes unique this approach is that this “Covenant” is conceived not as a pious symbol, but a bilateral contract between the two contracting parties. He will predict that the council “will bear fruit, but will have first negative effects, because of the uncertainty of large sections of the hierarchy, clergy and laity about the image of the Church Once in power, the Nazis are quick to classify Schoenstatt among the main opponents to destroy.

His mortal remains are in the place where he gave his last breath. They are structured according to the German practical spirit, with leagues, federations and later with secular institutesaccording to the degree of commitment of each of their members. After been stripped of all his functions in the Movement, Kentenich has assigned residence in the convent of Pallottines in Milwaukee United States ; all correspondence with the leaders of the work is prohibited.

The superiors of the Order advocate the first option, but other Pallottines think with Father Kentenich that Schoenstatt should be fully autonomous under penalty of wither. In MarchFather Kentenich is sent to the Dachau concentration campat the moment where the living conditions there are worsening.

Schoenstatt’s commitment to this covenant culture inspires it to go out from the shrines to the existential peripheries to “sanctuarize” the world, as Pope Francis says.

Kose to the Shrines still have this experience. An artist of high professionalism and personal closeness with Fr. He writes under unimaginable material conditions and at the peril of his life, treaties of spirituality, prayers and a didactic poem of over 20, verses. In the following years, he formed the priestly and lay communities which comprise Schoenstatt, and in he began the foundation for the different Schoenstatt Secular Institutes. Criticism of the Catholic Church Anti-Catholicism.


Pope Francis — Recent Tweets. In a speech at the annual conference of German Catholics inFather Kentenich said: As a result, the congregation is proud and feels connected with the founder of Schoenstatt. The Pope Video November It is not only about defining his nature but also understanding his strength, his power, his mystery.

Wide Horizon — Fr.

Kentenicj John Paul II reminded us of our responsibility in this sense: Schoenstatt Covenant Prayer My Queen, my Mother, I give joose entirely to you, and to show my devotion to you, I consecrate to you this day, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, myself without reserve. Kentenich constantly returns to this theme: The project, initially purely local, expanded rapidly after the World War I. In on 18 October, the 60th anniversary of the founding of Schoenstatt, the Holy See gave permission to open the beatification process for Father Joseph Kentenich.

About Schoenstatt Schoenstatt is an ecclesial Movement, where everyone, each according to his individual vocation and united in covenant, kentemich the Church and its mission and the world God has entrusted to us.

Fifty years have passed, where are we going? These words were a faithful reflection of his life. His opposition to Nazism attires persecution over him. Two priests in charge of their spiritual direction resign. This covenant of love generates culture and covenant culture is the unique expression of our way of life and work, our attachment to God, to people, to nature and culture, to the Church and the world, which always departs from the covenant kentenic love. Joseph Kentenich Wide Horizon — Fr.

Within the context of the fifty years Read More.