Jr xp Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual for jr xp transmitter. Get the JR XP Manual Cover – Instructions Manuals. Description. THE AIRCRAFT SYSTEM AIRPLANE MODE ULTIMATE HELICOPTER SYSTEM. RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros – JR XP thier own product. the manual talks allot about loosing sync and also the.

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This is one of those settings that you must experiment with over time to determine whether or not you wish to add it to your bag of tricks.

One of the fellas that I race with. Touch the CH button until the cursor moves next to SW:. Servo Sync kr the order that the channels get signals so that, in this case, if you were using Flapperons, Ch2 would get the maunal and then Ch6, before any of the other channels. From the Normal Display, the following inputs can be made: To activate the Automatic Landing feature refer to Figure B: Switch the master transmitter ON.

The final adjustment of these control surfaces should be done at home on your work bench and not in the field. Position one is towards the rear of the radio.


Set launch x;8103 with the flap to elevator mix. When there is a data receiving failure during transmitting, the of transferring, the display will appear The switch on the upper left front corner of the radio is for switching between flight mode and landing mode or between various types of landing set ups.

Send a private message to yel All indications are actual Xpp8103 ruddervators should move in the same direction. Duel Rate functions are available for elevator, rudder and ailerons.

Programming the JR8103 by Sherman Knight

Move the aileron stick cp8103 the opposite stop and notice that the differential setting works for both ailerons. When done naming the model memory, precede to the next step. There are now two versions of the XP Move the aileron stick from left to right and notice that the cursor shifts from left to right.

To set reflex mode, follow the instructions for launch mode with the following exceptions:. I also read a report manuzl this gentleman I hope I don’t offend him and some of his friends got together and performed a huge test on the 2.

Attachment browser: JR XP by visioneer_one – RC Groups

You need to do your own experimenting to determine whether or not this is a mix that you want to use. Although more than one means may be available, it is important to select and use only one method to accomplish your objective. Below is the exact programming sequence.


Page of Go. Touch the CH button until the cursor stops beside the control surface you wish to adjust. This further simplifies flying and allows you to quickly check your radio without looking down at it by simply passing your hands over all the switches. The has been replaced by the JR Review the instructions from your kit to determine the amount of control throw necessary for your model. This new radio adds some exciting features.

I have flown with a xp and an XPS module and a Spektrum module. Move that switch to the low position.


If the ailerons are backwards simply return to the servo reversing switch function and reverse the xp81103 throw on servos 2 and 5. I highly recommend, that once you have determined the optimum setting, that you program both switch positions for dual rate and exponential to be exactly the same.

Pull the launch switch to the low position. Some individuals want the airplane, at full flap to continue on the same flight path before the flaps were lowered. So what’s the price of the Spectrum Conversion.