A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra. ༄༅། །དཔལ་དུས་ཀྱི་ འཁོར་ལོ་དཔའ་བོ་གཅིག་པའི་མངོན་རྟོགས་བཞུགས་སོ། །. By Kunkhyen. Kalachakra Sadhanas. 9. The Uncommon Practice of Kalachakra Sadhana 時輪 金剛不共法儀軌. The Kalachakra Shield Practice Sadhana 時輪金剛盾牌法儀 . Kalacakra Tantra: The Chapter On The Sadhana Together With The This part of the Kalachakra Tantra is particularly difficult to translate.

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The water element in my body dampens the fire.

Please share your opinion of this sadnana with us. The backs of the thumbs of each of my hands are yellow, the index-fingers white, middle-fingers red, the ring-fingers black and little-fingers green; while the inside of the initial garland of segments between the joints of my fingers is sahana, the second red and the third is white.

The ssdhana, the sun, the vowels and consonants, which are in the nature of white and red bodhichittas, merge into one with the syllables that are the consciousness and the energy-wind, and from this arises the syllable HAM, a great blissful awareness — sphere of reality deep awareness.

If phenomena are regarded as totally non- existentthis is not correct meditation. At my own private place, within a non-objectifying state, from kalachakrs HUM comes a vajra, blue with five spokes, the hole of which is stopped with a syllable PHAT.

Thanks Cone and Kirtu. I bow to you, Kalachakra. As bodhichitta melted from the fires of my great desire, they pass through inside my avadhuti central channel and cascade through the pathway of my vajra into the lotus of the mother as drops, each individual portion of which transforms into the seed syllable of each of these deities of this mandala having Akshobhya as the ruling kalahakra of its family. If you over-organize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness – they cannot work and their civilization collapses.

Dissolution The guests for the torma ritual cake, the supporting mandala and those supported within, dissolve into me. Kalachajra the purification of the four disturbing emotions, there are Rudra, together with his wife, and the party of demonic Mara and his wife pressed under my feet, the Ruler of the All-Pervasive. Beneath that comes a disc of a sun, marked with 80 consonants resting on this sun, in the nature of the 80 exemplary features — equalizing deep awareness.

Dharma Wheel

Or there is no great differences between the various Kalachakra lineages and I can just refer to any available in the market? If meditation is considered a truly existent cause for gaining a result, this is also not correct meditation. Inside it, from OM, comes an immeasurably magnificent palace, square, with four portals, together with four archways in the nature of gold and sparkling with the light-rays of gems. Offering the Torma Ritual Cake The light-rays of the HUM at my heart invite from its natural abode the mandala of glorious Kalachakra, the Vanquishing Master Surpassing All, so that those within will draw this up through the tube of light of the single-spoked vajra of their tongues and partake of it.


These are beautified with rings and beaming with light. Being merely touched by these rays of light, the syllable HAM at the crown of my head melts like that which possesses a rabbit and, in the form of a drop, when it reaches from my crown to my throat — joy; when it reaches from my throat to my heart — supreme joy.

All of them have three eyes on each face, are adorned with five kinds of ornamental seals, have as their crowns blue Vajrasattvas, and stand in the posture of both legs together.

Kalacakra Tantra Sadhana by Vesna Wallace

This chapter is on the actual practice of the sadhana, and requires detailed knowledge of for example the Kalachakra mandala. Homage to you, rising from non-true existence; homage to you, arising from the Buddhas; homage to you, rising from space; homage to you, arising from deep awareness. In my heart, from a PAM comes a lotus, red with kalachkara petals, on the seed-head of which, from AM comes a moon disc, on top of which, from HUM, comes a five-spoked vajra.

No registered users and 5 guests. For the most part, only Lama Dampa, Takstang Lotsawa and Amyezhabs wrote anything of significance on Kalacakra, unless of course you count Buton as a Sakyapa — the Gelug lineage comes from him.

Kirt’s Tibetan Translation Notes “Even if you practice only for an hour a day with faith and inspiration, good qualities will steadily increase. The goddess wives of this demonic Mara and forceful Rudra, namely red Rati and white Uma, hold on to the soles of my feet with their faces bowed down.

David then wrote the review you can read here. Of my four white hands, in the first is a conch, in the second a mirror, in the third a vajra iron chain, and in the fourth a kaalachakra head of Brahma.

A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra – Official Website of Khentrul Rinpoché

In her left ones, she holds a skullcup, a grappling-rope, a hundred-petaled white lotus, and a gem. Go Back I Understand. Within a state of voidness, from YAM, comes a disc of wind, black, with a shape like a bow, marked with victory banners.

Through the purification of the energy-winds, there are the ten shakti ladieslike Dhuma and so on, who abide on the wheel of the energy-channels at the lotus of my heart.

He binds his twenty-four hands with his serpentine grappling-rope and, intimidating him with his remaining weapons, draws him here to the space in front. Your enlightening bodies, as ways of knowing and what are known, possess the same source.

On the eight petals: I bow at your lotus-feet. This then transforms into a vajra, from which I arise as a glorious Kalachakra, beaming with the five types of rays of stainless light.


Both are red with four faces — red, yellow, white and blue — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding a butter-lamp, long necklace, a crown, and a bracelet, and in the left a length of cloth, a belt with a filigree skirt, an earring, and an anklet.

What do you guys think? Through the lustrous positive force deriving from sahdana, may I never transgress, throughout all my lives, the bounds prescribed by Vajradhara’s authority. Standing atop a moon, a sun, a Rahu and Kalagni, most playfully with my right leg outstretched, my right leg sdhana red and has underneath it a red Kamadeva, God of Desire, with one face and four arms, holding in his hands five flower-arrows and a bow, a grappling-rope and an elephant-hook.

Then once more a Vajrasattva, embraced by a Vajradhatu Ishvari is emanated forth and enters into me, while a Prajnaparamita, embraced by an Akshobhya, is emanated forth and enters to become inseparable from Vishvamata. Is there any book anyone familiar with the tradition can recommend?

Earth, parted from fire, dissolves into water. I prostrate to you, O glorious Kalachakra. As David Reigle explained to me, the Sanskrit in this chapter is so complex that he often did not manage to make head or tail of it by himself, and he greatly admires Vesna for accomplishing this first translation into a Western language.

Her enlightening body is yellow in color with four faces which, circling round from the front to her right, are yellow, white, blue and red, each with three eyes.

Abridged Nine-Deity Kalachakra Sadhana

When David studied Vesna’s book to write a review, he noticed that it contained quite a number of details which can be improved. Both are white with four faces — white, black, red and yellow — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding ialachakra of milk, of water, of the supreme medicine, and of beer, and in the left, bowls of nectar, kalachwkra an elixir with a taste that brings actualizations, of kalahakra fruit, and of a cooked delicacy.

Within a state of voidness, from YAM, comes disc of wind, black, with a shape like a bow, marked with victory banners.

Once more from the HUM at my heart light-rays invite here empowering deities. Also, Shangpa practices were and are obviously included in Jonang. My enlightening body is blue in color, sadhan I have three necks, the central one black, the right one red and the left one white.

With a nature of voidness and compassion, you neither take birth in the three planes of existence, nor perish away. If voidness, which is not a truly existent phenomenon is regarded as truly existent, this is not correct meditation.