Request PDF on ResearchGate | AKTIVITAS ANTIBAKTERI KAPANG ENDOFIT DARI TANAMAN KINA (Cinchona calisaya Wedd.) | Endophytic microorganisms . Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 28, , Nadra Khairiah and others published Isolasi dan Uji Aktivitas Antimikroba Kapang Endofit dari Kayu. Request PDF on ResearchGate | KARAKTERISASI ENZIM KASAR SELULASE KAPANG ENDOFIT DARI LAMUN CHARACTERIZATION OF CRUDE.

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And the technique analyze of the data in this research are to measure the drag zone formed. Endophytes in Southeast Kapanng and Japan: Based on the test results of drag power, seven isolates there are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, capable of inhibiting Staphylococcus aurous bacteria growth with a diameter drag zone amounted to Positive control of streptomycin are able to inhibit the bacteria S.

B1 was Colletotrichum sp.

Kapang endofit merupakan mikroba yang terdapat di dalam jaringan tanaman tanpa membahayakan tanaman inang. Drag zone diameter of 7.

Toona sinensis Endorit obat Universitas Indonesia fermentation in vitro phytoplankton. Endophyte fungi can produce secondary metabolite which can be used as antioxidant, anticancer and antimicobes compound. Article Tools Print this article. Eremophilanetype sesquiterpenes from the fungus Xylaria sp. Isolation of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, a novel endophytic taxol-producing fungus from the leaves of a medicinal plant, Justicia gendarussa.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The objectives of study are to know the potential of endophhyte mold in roots of rice as manufacture of antimicrobial.

Malaria infection is usually accompanied by increased free radicals in the body of the patient. Journal of Fermentation Bioengineering. Kapang endofit mampu menghasilkan metabolit sekunder yang dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai senyawa antioksidan, antikanker dan antimikroba. Journal of Natural Product. The aims of this study are to isolate and identify endophyte fungi from stem of C. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required.


Uji Potensi Antimikroba Kapang Endofit Pada Akar Tanaman Padi (Oryza sativa).

Bioprocessing for microbial endophytes and their natural products. Keywords Curcuma longa L. Abstract Endophytic microorganisms are microorganisms that live in the tissues of plant organ and not harm its host. Kapang endofit dapat ditemukan pada berbagai jenis tanaman terutama tanaman obat seperti kunyit Curcuma longa L. Abstract Endophyte fungi are microbe that living inside the plant tissue without harming the host plant. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Revievs.

Secondary metabolites endorit endophytic Kpaang aureofaciens CMUAc and their antifungal activity.

The endophyte fungi isolated from turmeric stem were 12 isolates. This methodology of research used Descriptive method. Microbial conversion of curcumin into colorless hydroderivatives by the endophytic fungus Diaporthe sp.

Uji Potensi Antimikroba Kapang Endofit Pada Akar Tanaman Padi (Oryza sativa). – Tugas Akhir

Bioactivity assessment of endophytic fungi associated with Centella asiatica and Murraya koengii. New endophytic isolates of Muscodor albus, a volatile-antibiotic-producing fungus. Therefore, this study aims to determine in vitro antimalarial and antioxidant activity of endophytic fungi extract origin turmeric from Sukabumi. How to cite item. User Username Password Remember me. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages. This situation will cause kspang the immune system of the patient.

Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that at the root of rice plant Oryza sativa can be found 7 isolates mold endophyte can produce antimicrobials, but drag the resulting zone is the zone of partial drag.


Pd, Supervisor II Dr. Songklanarin Journal of Science Technology. Endophytic fungi M16 and M33 produced the greatest inhibition zone against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli The technique of collected the data are secondary metabolite produced seven isolates was result of test drag power in bacteria. This study begins with fermentation process of endophytic fungi on the broth medium and ethyl acetate was used to extract the filtrat to gain the test extracts.

This study aims to test the potential of endophytic fungi produced quinine as an antibacterial. Antioxidant and free radical-scavenging activities of smooth hound Mustelus muscle protein hydrolysates by gastrointestinal proteases. Berdasarkan identifikasi molekuler, isolat K. The results showed that 18 isolates of endophytic fungi enofit antimalarial activity and one isolate inactive and also all isolates have antioxidant activity.

National Library of Medicine. Explorating of new drugs that have antimalarial and also antioxidant activity is very important. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengisolasi dan mengidentifikasi kapang endofit dari batang tanaman kunyit yang dndofit sebagai penghasil antioksidan. Kapang endofit yang diisolasi dari batang tanaman kunyit diperoleh 12 isolat.

Zingiber montanum Koenig Link ex Dietr.