HD 3D HD MEDIA PLAYER Precaution before use Placing/01 Power/01 Cleaning/01 Moisture-proof/02 About the manual/02 Service/02 Notes Products. On this page you find the kdLinks HD manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the you have any. Free: KDLINKS HD Extreme FULL HD 3D Digital Media Player with Gigabit Network, Built-In Wifi, Youtube – Other Electronics. User Manual About kdLinks.

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Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: It also happened with mkv files and m2ts files. Sep 28th, at 2: I seen it was a rewards auction. Because I think it is no coincidence that happened with the same HD manufacturer.

Please unplug the power cord if you do not use the player for long time to prevent damage caused by lightning. It doesn’t have all the “bling” in the menus and structure that other units have and the wireless is weak as hell, BUT! To get the remote to use the correct codes the user will: In this case, please turn on the player and the heat of the player may drive the humidity away. The poster art worked great for me in XBMC but I have each movie in a folder with the same name as the movie.

This Seagate model has been tested successully on HD There are 3 Night Mode options.

But so far external drives will work fine. Your Mobile number has been verified! Copy media files to corresponding folders.

KDLINKS HD700 Extreme Network Digital Signage FULL HD 3D Digital Media Player – Realtek 1186

Through innovations in design and manufacturing, we are trying our best to offer truly unique, fashion-inspired products to the modern consumer. I see there is a “Choose a Scraper” section on that pop up window as well and if I go under “Get More I reported many other problems as well and don’t think any of them have been fixed, none of them ever mentioned in firmware “release notes” I put that in quotes because the release notes are a few words with etc thrown on end, stupid, but nothing I reported ever mentioned in any firmware update release notes.


The box does not provide services content. Most TVs have 8-bit color depth which is 17 million colors. It will loop through all video output modes.

Use a slightly wet rag to clean the player instead of liquid detergent. You don’t need to touch anything. It may take one minute or so. I downloaded the custom XBMC off of kdlinks website so if you are using something else, you may want to uninstall your version and install that one still recommend changing skin to Touched after you do. Thirdly, I understand that the advantage the has over the is that the has a bay for an internal harddrive.

Oct 4th, at 6: Log in with Facebook.

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Hey all I recently picked up an A and I am having some issues. Keep it away from sunlight and avoid heat, humidity and frequent shaking to avoid damage the case and other components of the player and shorten the service life of the player. Has anyone had any luck hooking up a controller to the A? Klunky menus, weak wifi, and all. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue. Abnormal picture or audio output B.

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This media player supports Pan Scan 4: I only kdliks one issue, overheating!!! If you have each movie in its own directory make sure you select that under Content Scanning Options.

The other two Seagate models had serious stuttering problems. There are manuaal folder structures in those 3 menu options. If you have any questions about your that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page. I love it over everything else I’ve had. Originally Posted by WynsWrld My default seems to be themoviedg. Oct 1st, at 7: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

KDLINKS HD Extreme FULL HD P 3D Media Player | Souq – UAE

Secondly, can I control the hard drive s and transfer files over the network wifi or ethernet from my iMac? It is considered a very useful feature, please leave it at On. I think you need to remove this from auction before everyone goes insane or a fight breaks out!! All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

I’ll just send it back to amazon for refund and either order another one or just get a mede8er x3d and give up on the android features. My collection is 10 years in the making with over a thousand titles in Divx 3, 4, 5, and Pro alone and my BD rip count is now up to not including all the youtube flash leeches, etc.

And it recognizes SRTs!!!!