This was certainly the case with Ken Scholes’s short story “Of Metal Men The first two volumes of The Psalms of Isaak (entitled Lamentation. So I told my friends over on Facebook that I would put up a post once I finished my re-read ofLamentation. I’m going to do that for each of the. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the.

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Now they have magic, but there are remnants of the old world technology. The melding of a medieval setting with a plot that hinges on the actions of a machine—and a machine who brings down a city by uttering a magical spell The Seven Cacophonic Deaths of P’Andro Whym, no less defies convention.

Based on it, I may go ahead and read Canticle, which I had earlier decided not to bother with. I liked the plot, what a finely woven web, I was impressed by it.

No more ponderous plotting lamdntation Scholes barely gives us time to breathe. Despite being hardly fair, a lot of it is downright inaccurate. Given that this is only his first novel, I think this guy could scholws out something really scholees in the future. He hinted at more problems to come but didn’t end with a cliffhanger which I despise. The maze circle that seems to never end and always turns back on to itself. Instead of being the author of a great epic in LamentationScholes becomes a chess player, moving all his pieces into their necessary positions for the rest of the series.

But when Windwir itself is destroyed in a matter of minutes, the light of knowledge threatens to gutter, and all of the Named Lands, a civilisation built from the ruins of near-ext Many thousands of years into the future, on an Earth scarred and fractured by multiple apocalypses, stands Windwir, greatest city of the Named Lands.

If I can be bothered enough to lamentahion the sequel. Having just finished the Broken Empire series, I was already in a mode for this kind of story, so this fell right in line with that in the best ways scyoles. These rather one-dimensional depictions of women, however, are infinitely preferable to cliches like Sethbert, the evil Overseer of the Entrolusian Delta who seems to have been cribbed directly from Dr.


Part of the charm of “Metal Men” was its intimacy.

Psalms of Isaak Readthrough – Lamentation – Ken Scholes

It soon dawns on the characters that Windwir was just the beginning of some nefarious plan by outside sources, and one by one they disperse to various parts of the globe, all trying, in their own way, to corner the threat before it corners them. Well, I don’t disagree with myself.

The plot is brilliantly twisty I scared my dcholes cat more than once by screaming at developments I hadn’t seen comingthe characters compelling. Read reviews that mention ken scholes named lands jin li tam androfrancine order orson scott scott card science fiction fantasy novel ninefold forest destruction of windwir lord of the ninefold george rr martin look forward city states metal men main characters forest houses epic fantasy ice lamentatino fire laughing madness.

Oh there are many scenes of action buried in the book and if you’re looking for discussions kken philosophy draped in fantasy fiction you may not find lamentatkon as dry as I did. That covers a lot of it…short story writer tackles a novel based on two of his short stories on a dare from his wife and best friend.

This is one of those stories that told a story rather than shown it.

Ken Scholes

Ken’s eclectic background includes time spent as a label gun repairman, a sailor who never sailed, a soldier who commanded a desk, a ,en, a nonprofit executive kne a government procurement analyst. I gave this book five stars even though there were elements of it I found under-described and the characters seemed like puppets you get to meet the Puppet Master, or do you?

The weak secondary cast remains an impediment. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: It’s fastasy I suppose, but the characters and sub-plots were thick and rich enough for me to overcome the boredom that I often feel for fantasy novels.


No magic system was clearly explained or even partly explained.

What she learns that night sets her on a path that winds through both the terrible truths of the Kings’ mysterious history and the hidden riddles of her own heritage. I really enjoyed following them especially the characters of Neb, Pertonus, and Vlad.

Which brings us to the utter destruction of a city of religion and learning. As far as the story itself is concerned. Read more Read lamentaiton. Videos About This Book. Being read to opens lamengation back up that child state of wonder in the midst of hearing story. Look, working in the back-story of a mythical realm with thousands of years of pre-history is never easy—but this sounds more like a grocery list than a tangible reality.

If I lamentaion harsh or overly critical here, it’s because for all the mess, Scholes’s work has an undeniable potential for greatness. You have a robot and out of all the cool awesome shit it could do, you have it act like a whiney teenager? It’s nothing like George Martin’s first Song of Ice and Fire novel, except that like that book, it has the lamenfation of standing as an important book in the evolution of the epic fantasy form, is a delight, and is a book that readers are very likely to take to heart.

Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak, #1) by Ken Scholes

Not that this makes any sense whatsoever, but I kept wishing Lamentatjon had handed his world and story over to Kay. Soon all the Kingdoms of the Named Lands will be at each others’ throats, lammentation alliances are challenged and hidden plots are uncovered. One of my favorite quotes from the book that I think I should strive to remember daily: The characters, despite being somewhat archetypal, are one of this novel’s high points.