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£2, (13, lei), 2, lei, %. Monthly rent for 85 m2 ( Sqft) furnished accommodation in NORMAL area. £1, (9, lei), 1, lei, %. Utilities 1 . of granting short-term loans in lei to domestic credit institutions. The amount of . thousand), Bank of Japan in amount of lei 13, thousand. (JPY , BISTRIŢA-. NĂSĂUD. 1 Loans in lei (r.2+r.3=r.4+r.5=r.6+r.7+r). 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 – current loans. 1,

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The observed divergence between these taxa was within the range of intraspecific divergences observed for other mobulid lineages based on our expanded taxon sampling of mitochondrial NADH2 data Supporting Information Fig. No descriptive features are provided and thus the identity of this species 1407 still not determinable.

However, this character is variable. These include lineage sorting, demographic asymmetries, selection and hybridization. Again, alignment quality was confirmed via translation and incomplete stop codons were excluded from the alignment.

Thus, based on these results, we conclude that M. In the case of this species pair, a complex nomenclatural history is now combined with inferences from both morphology and molecular data to suggest conspecificity and 31407 have thus revised the taxonomy to reflect this.

A single genus oei now recognized where there were previously two and eight nominal species where there were previously Notarbartolo di Sciara concluded that M. Based on the location and size, this species is probably a synonym for M. Several synapomorphic traits link the M.


A number of other names have been considered junior synonyms of M. How this character and other skeletal characters differ between the other mobulid species may be important to better understand these relationships. Specimens examined are listed in the Material Examined section.

Data on the bycatch fishery and reproductive biology of mobulid rays Myliobatiformes in Indonesia. We present a revised taxonomy for this iconic group of rays based on our results. This study provides a substantial amount of molecular data allowing a direct comparison leu M. Citing articles via Web of Science 5.

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Notarbartolo di Sciara et al. Mobulidae with the description of a new 134407. The trait which distinguishes M. This yielded a data matrix that represented exons, was bp in length and Redactis speciebus ad genera While this approach is robust to the distorting effects of ILS, it has been shown that concatenated analyses can often be more effective than multi-species coalescent approaches when the level of ILS is low Chou et al.

Sequence reads associated with each sample were identified and sorted by leo respective indices Li et al. The latter two combinations should be considered nomen dubium since they provide no characters to distinguish which taxon they denote. This species was stated to occur mostly in the Pacific. However, the records that do exist show M.

Here, we are able to extend genomic sampling to include inferences based on the protein coding components of whole mitochondrial genomes, and again show that these taxa are indistinguishable.


Leu of the resulting nucleotide alignment confirmed that it was in frame and free of stop codons which may indicate sequencing errors or misalignment. The large size and Mediterranean location strongly suggest this to be a junior synonym of M. The inferred topology suggests that the terminal mouth that is present in M.

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Other unique traits include a strong ridge on the midline of the body, very falcate pectoral fins, and a short tail that is rigid and rod-like. Moreover, many factors and processes can lead to differential phylogenetic signal between the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes.

Separation of the genera Manta and Mobula has long been upheld due to the striking feature of a terminal versus a subterminal mouth, respectively. Vaillant described C. It is possible that the caudal spine was removed or missing from the Marseilles specimen or simply that Duhamel du Monceau did not include that feature in his description. Check-list of the Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and of the ,ei.