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‘s Act 22, Argentina was the enactment of Act 22, in . 13 “ Multicanal SA y otro s/Denuncia Infracción Ley 22,, ASCJ. 22, () (Ley de Defensa de a Competencia/Competition Defense Act/ CDA) –95, , –13, Arts 1–2. El resto del artículo describe la aplicación de la ley argentina de With the adoption of the provisions of Act 22,, the Argentine antitrust case law began to.

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This is the first time, in the history of the competition authority, that an investigation has resulted in a divestment of assets. The Public Competition Enforcement Review. These new chapters, together with updates to the jurisdictions previously covered in the first edition, only serve to emphasise that this is a constantly changing environment. To establish the effective existence of dominant position, Section 5 details a number of circumstances that shall be taken into account at the moment of analysing the position:.

The Antitrust Law provides no guidelines on what market shares give rise to the existence of a dominant position on one or several markets. The Initial Public Offerings Law Review seeks to introduce the reader to the global IPO regulatory environment and main stock exchanges in 19 jurisdictions, providing an overview of the IPO process, regulatory and exchange requirements and key offering considerations when taking a company public in these jurisdictions.

View the annotations at Commons. So that the replacement on the demand side is effective, consumers must evaluate the products as being able to meet the same needs, under similar consumption opportunities. The Foreign Investment Regulation Review. The Antitrust Law and the Decrees were complemented by regulations regarding the procedures established by them.

II Year in Review In the year in review, according to public sources, 6 the antitrust authorities closed investigations in 48 anticompetitive cases. Further, companies are liable for the acts of their employees even those who are not in a managerial position that are performed on their behalf, for their benefit or with their assistance. Unknown date Unknown date Unknown date.


Chapter 2, Section 4 of the Antitrust Law is exclusively focused on dominant lye. Private competition litigation can be an important complement to public enforcement in the achievement of compliance with the competition laws. Business-focused legal analysis and insight in the most significant jurisdictions worldwide Interested in contributing?

The current national government has declared that it intends to modify some of the sections of the Antitrust Law — mainly those regarding thresholds for merger and acquisition notification. Editor Mark F Mendelsohn. The most important case in Argentine competition history regarding the abuse of a dominant position involved exploitative conduct, specifically, price discrimination, in the National Commission for the Defence of Competition v.

The relevant market in an investigation will comprise two basic dimensions: Environmental law is global in its reach. Without prejudice to other penalties that may correspond, when verified acts that constitute abuse of a dominant position or where it is noted that a monopolistic or oligopolistic position in violation of the provisions of the Antitrust Law has been achieved, the Secretary of Trade may enforce conditions aimed at neutralising the distorting pey of competition or ask the judge that the offending companies are dissolved, liquidated, unconcentrated or divided.

The Cartels and Leniency Review. Therefore, companies that have a dominant position should avoid participating in what may be considered as abusive conduct. It is expected that new cases will be initiated in 2262 coming years. Anti-corruption enforcement continues to be an increasingly global endeavour and this seventh edition of The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review is no exception.

The Sports Law Review.

As inmostly the cases were closed because the antitrust authorities accepted the explanations given by the companies under investigation. Further, the CNDC is the agency that investigates both anticompetitive conduct and merger and acquisition procedures by formal requirement of the Secretary of Trade. After the evidence is produced, the antitrust authorities must decide the case in 60 days, ending the administrative claim. Dominant position is not forbidden by the Antitrust Law — the prohibition is only focused on the abuse of such dominant position.

The Virtual Currency Regulation Review. In the reports from around the world collected in this volume, we continue to see a good deal of international overlap among the issues and industries attracting government enforcement attention.


Such conduct may include, but is not limited to: Further to the analysis of the market shares of the companies, the antitrust authorities also focus their attention on barriers.

The insight that each title provides into the major commercial jurisdictions is invaluable to all those conducting and advising on modern commerce in specific areas. Encunyat durant el regnat d’ Alfons X de Castella In the year under review, the antitrust authorities, through the CNDC, opened 12 markets studies and initiated three market investigations.

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This bill was approved last April 19 by the Senate with some changes, and has been sent to the deputies for final approval. The new regulation abrogated imprisonment and established a mergers and acquisitions control procedure. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

According to the legislation of and usual practices in Argentina, the analysis of anticompetitive acts, conduct or behaviours follows a procedure in which, as a first issue, the definition of the scope of the relevant product and geographic market involved in the investigation is highlighted.

VIII Future Developments The current national government has declared that it intends to modify lej of the sections of the Antitrust Law — mainly those regarding thresholds for merger and acquisition notification.

Argentina – The Dominance and Monopolies Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

The chapters in this book, which contain a wealth of learning lye these significant developments around the world, will serve as a useful place to begin. This was replaced by Act No. The procedure will be initiated by communicating the investigation to the denounced, who will have the possibility of answering it in relation to the facts or the legal basis investigated by the antitrust authorities.