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Liahona, May 2012

I wouldn’t change a thing in that regard. Jesus saves, but I did not. One more cup of coffee, fill the water tank; then I will get to work on the video. Glad to have good news, a little request, can you make a video in the winter of Lealea and picture, please, thanks. This question has inspired me to write another article for the website which should be finished and uploaded soon.

Our final load of laundry was done today. Sunny days like this have us dreaming about spring when we can depart and continue our exploration of S. I hope to have this completed before we begin our voyage to Seattle.

voyaging under sail, Cruising Lealea Archives

Second cup myao coffee. When I watched the Pacific crossings, leaving Hawaii and returning to, all the video’s were in sequence and were great to follow. I hope you guys are thinking about adopting a kitty from the clinic before you go. Ed H September 29, at We shop for groceries, cook meals, do laundry, maintain our home, socialize, make new friends and participate in community events where ever we happen to be.


It was a grand day for picture taking and I got some decent shots. By the First Mate Whew! This page will be edited and added to as more questions arise. Glad to see you two doing well.

We have heard rumblings of an East Coast Rendezvous for but nothing specific yet. I’m sure Chuck will miss sharing his music. Several days later and it is feeling much better. Aloha Ron, Log books are not a liahonna for yachts but we do keep one that has basic information plus I keep written journals from every voyage.

It’s been great following you on all the voyages, and look forward to the next. Enjoy the winter and Max also.

Liahona, November 2012

If you ever get to Petersburg be sure to try one of their pies! There are three passive mushroom type intake vents aft.

Chuck and Laura you guys provide a refreshing and fun look at a life thaht most of us canonly dream of. When there is a major project in the cabin it has to be a one person job so one of us has to get out of the way.

Living in Florida we are blessed with great year round weather and plenty of neat out the way places to explore by boat. This should be exciting. Be safe and have lots of fun in a place we only dream of! Is the Hot Tub still available? My understanding is that, if vented correctly, they make for a nice warm and dry boat. Even if kitty does poop in your bed. The challenge will be to get away from the “Inside Passage” cruisers that come up from BC and Washington State every summer.


Although one of the spring clamps did pop off during the windiest period, I am encouraged. I really enjoy all that you do and I’m just a little jealous as well Especially as weather was pretty calm for quite a while. Tune in to find out. The owners of the house, like most folks here in Petersburg, have a commercial fishing boat in the harbor.

As for content you provide what the others don’t a personnel lkahona, a look into the real life of a sailing couple. The bottom and sides are secured over the stern rail with bunji cords As is the entire awning set so it will give and remain tight in gusty winds.

Have a safe voyage, and a good watch.

I don’t think her parents usually allow her on the bed. I’d be leaning towards doing what your hearts are telling you, it hasn’t steered you wrong yet? This series will have a gap because once we leave Petersburg in the spring we mao be able to upload any new material until we settle in for the Winter.

No quiero el dinero para ir a nuestra cuenta liwhona como tesorero de un fondo abandonado. Students complete projects either individually or in teams.