The Composition has ratings and 66 reviews. Q_Ayana said: “’Children aren’ t against anything,’ she said. ‘Children are just children. They have to go. Antonio Skarmeta Children’s Literature, Book Lists, Composition, Libros, La composicion – Antonio Skarmeta Little Books, Teaching Kids, Childrens Books. maud vanrykel bac1 inter-trad el autor antonio skármeta: el de noviembre de nació en antofagasta (chile) un descendiente de croatas que dedicó su vida.

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View all 3 comments. Soccer defines his life, as it does for many young boys in Latin America. Overall, this is a story that is worth discussing over. I think this is the kind of book that would be a great window for students to see another kind of culture.

Young Pedro lives in a country run by a dictator. Even though he does not understand fully what is happening,he understands that people are being treated unfairly. It is such a compelling story of not just another culture, but of another time in place that our students have no idea about. The Composition is a useful text for teaching about human rights, government repression, and individual agency.

They are to write about what their parents do each evening. But when the soldiers come and take his friend Daniel’s father away, things suddenly become much more complicated.

It also questions what is moral and what does it mean to live under dictatorship. Originally published in Spanish in Venezuela, He takes it home to read to his parents, who listen nervously.


He also knows that the army police came and took away composicipn friend Daniel’s father. The name of the protagonist implies the place he lives in as well.

Calaméo – Entrevista a Antonio Skarmeta

Mar 31, Margaret Boling rated it really liked it Shelves: A winner of an Americas Book Award, this book presents lobro familiar scene for children living in war torn dictatorship countries. Honestly, I had to take a closer glance to understand how younger children in other countries may be forced to deal with issues nonexistent or masked in the United States.

We never learn what country this is, but it is a Hispanic culture. Children enjoy this book because although it is a picture book, there This is one of my libdo stories, filled with so much laa and emotional heartbreak from being in times of war and an oppressive society. Overall, the story is what drives this text and it covers a political situation that many students have not experienced in a sensitive and true way.

The Composition

This story captures the intense, serious topic of dictatorship and forms the circumstance from the perspective of a typical child. The Composition begins with the story of young Pedro feeling upset because he did not receive a soccer ball for his birthday.

Pedro is a boy that loves soccer and wants a real soccer ball and one day an army captain comes and asks his class to write about what his parents do at ccomposicion. He ends up writing a story about playing soccer with his friends then coming home and playing chess with his parents.


Antonio Skármeta

And for children it provides food for thought about freedom, moral choices and personal responsibility. One of the pivotal scenes comes as he is gifted a soccer ball to play with his neighborhood friends. Lists with This Book. Sep 24, Genie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this story could truly speak to many students despite the different circumstances and lifestyle.

Pedro asks his friend why his father was taken and is told that it is because his father is against the dictatorship. Subsequent editions of the book bore the title El cartero de Neruda Neruda’s Liibro. Pedro is a nine-year-old boy living in a country that is run by a dictatorship. It really should be mandatory to read this book at school.

I think The Composition is a great international book that shows students the real life struggles of deportation.