The novel has its links with the character of Mahashweta in Banabhatta’s classic work, ‘Kadambari’. While Banabhatta made it a happy ending. Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy.. Sudha Murthy, Novels, Reading, Book Title, The Mother I Never Knew – Sudha Murty Sudha Murthy, Book Title, New Books. Mahashweta, by Sudha Murthy, is one such book. It is a simple story of a simple girl with simple aspirations, who wants to lead a simple life. Her name is.

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She decides not to give up her life for her husband who had left her to die, and her family who had never cared for her. There are very few books which make you cry mahsshweta compel you to think about your stand on certain social issues and taboos – this book in one of them.

Their match was made in the heavens. After marriage Anand went to England for higher studies. She is very beautiful, intelligent and talented.

Her life becomes a muryy hell. I’ve heard a lot about Sudha murthy’s works but I’m really disappointed with this book. The events all remind you of those sad Indian movies of s and 60s.


Abandoned by her uncaring in-laws and insensitive husband, she is forced to return to her father’s home in the village. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I, initially, felt sorry for Anupama but as the story progresses I was very happy for her. Discarding a person based on external appearance and ruining lives because of superstitious beliefs are still rampant in Indian society.


Dolly advises her to stay with them, but with the requirement of having to cook her own food, since Anu is a strict vegetarian. I am fan of Sudha Murthy.

Anupama is your quintessential Indian heroine, her beauty sans pareil, her usdha of highest order, everything about her good and lovely. The author narrates a story of a girl who suffers from leucoderma after her marriage. Her rich mother-in-law sends her away to save face, and so does her stepmother.

In the simplest of the words she always conveys the message to lead a meaningful life. Let society says anything it wishes.

So I decided to pick this one as my next read and I am very glad that I did. The novel deals with the issue of leukoderma. Does that mean that the life of the tree is wasted?

Meanwhile, Shamanna is dead; Anu sends money for the rites. How else can you explain it, when a fast-bowler, known more for off-field antics than on-field heroics, one who cannot even write a proper tweet without making OK.

Mahashweta – Murty – Google Books

Refresh and try again. Anand goes in search of Anu from village to village but reaches a dead end. And those who isolate people with skin problems, and judge solely on physical appearances, well That is when she takes her life in her own hands and decides to live independently without any inhibitions and succeeds in the end. This book is a nice read, but nothing much can be taken from this.


I love her work, both on and off paper. But I have come to believe with expe I have become a true fan of Mrs Murty’s writing.

The social stigma Anupama looked into the mirror and shivered with shock. Just as the creeper depends on a tree, I depend upon him. The name struck me first The major takeaway from this read was no matter how hard you hit the rock bottom in life, you still can look up and hope for a miracle. I understand where she comes from, to have a blemished skin can be a curse.

Dr Vasanth proposes her but Anupama rejects it and says that they can be good friends.