Twelve Red Herrings [Jeffrey Archer] on Many of the 12 stories here, all of which feature false clues and twist endings, are based on “known”. Twelve Red Herrings is the third collection of irresistible short stories from master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer. Cleverly styled, with richly drawn characters and. First published in UK hardback – Harper Collins UK paperback published – Pan Macmillan. Expect the unexpected A wrongly convicted murderer.

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Twelve Red Herrings by Jeffrey Archer

Witty book with lots of short stories that are jefrrey on their own. I will say that the last short story was my favorite. I feel this review is: After 7 stories I tossed it. In each tale, human beings are given an opportunity to seize, a crucial problem to solve, or a danger to avoid.

Twelve Red Herrings

There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books. I love jeffrey Archer!

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Archer ke baarah teer !!! – TWELVE RED HERRINGS – JEFFREY ARCHER Consumer Review –

The central conceit for all of them is the ‘red herring’ and some of the stories are more obvious than others in their deception and cleverness. You will not take your eyes off of these captious stories which will take also you breath out.

I read this book a long time ago – brought back memories – your review has rekindled the desire to read it again Regards, Prasad By: It had two plot twists that I absolutely did not see coming and it was very interesting how the author used our own heteronormativity to build the red herring. You wonder arrcher Jeffrey Archer can handle romance in short stories as well as he manages the thrill.


There’s a sense of urgency throughout and the author never lets up.

Thank god for the char limit else we wud have had the online version copy of 12 red herrings ;- ;- Just for the sake of it. Nov 25, No doubt abt it. The book is enjoyable and clever throughout, but the majority of the stories are let down by rushed endings, or endings without the proper details or context. Reply as a Brand. Timeo Danaos is about a bank manager Ted Becker who considers himself a ”born entrepreneur” but is actually a miser looking out for cheap bargains.

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Click here to know more. However, I know that not every story can or should be executed at breakneck speed.

If you only do one ending choose this one! The reader is offered the choice of four different endings: The setting is in a restaurant where his friend narrates his story I enjoyed reading this one a lot, however, if only because it was lighthearted ieffrey easy to read.

Nov 09, Petrina Wetzel rated it liked it. View all 3 comments. Burnt- See this is why I like my steak well A young artist gets the biggest break of her career The entire premise is drastic, yet never veers towards the ridiculous. This one sounds like our regular hindi movie stuff. I personally found it difficult to believe that Kane and Abel and False Impression were penned by the same author.


Jan 12, I bought this one a couple of years ago, when the author was in town. Thousands of users are looking for advice right now. Nothing in it made sense, except the author’s need to punish the protagonist an action not amiss and vilify his love interest. Jeffreg never quite works hard jffrey to explain itself – we can all imagine what occurred or led to the circumstances of the story, yet we aren’t given enough details to formulate a general hypothesis.

May 20, Travelin rated it it was ok Shelves: Twelve Red Herrings – Jeffrey Archer. He is the only author ever to have been a number one bestseller in fiction seventeen timesshort stories four times and non-fiction The Prison Wrcher. Oct 29, Dew rated it liked it Shelves: Thankfully it was quite short.

Ueffrey 24, I wasn’t interested in these characters, and the circumstances seemed even less interesting. An OTP has been sent to herrrings email address.