3DQuickPress® is a SOLIDWORKS® add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also . SW Tutorial 3d quick mold download Tools, this means that some functions may not work as expected. 3dquickmold tutorial pdf 3dquickpress tutorial pdf. 3D QUICKTOOLS LIMITED 3DQuickPress V5 –Training Manual 1 Table of Contents: Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial 1. Create.

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Pattern the cap bolt by Feature Driven component pattern Conclusion This is a generic way to insert standard components to a PRL Die set assembly that are driven by a common sketch part. This file can be edited manually to make other variations.

3D QuickTools Limited: 3DQuickPress

By placing a circle at this location in lieu of a point it is ease to locate this tktorial location. Click Smart Dimensionclick Die face shift and B, click on the screen and input 1 mm.


Guidelines for cutting punch files: Each folder under Cutting punch is representing different cutting punch type and following basic guidelines. Close all files and open M4FT.

Rename the datum plane to HL Select Guide Pin sketch from sketches part and press ctrl-c Copy. Lab 2 Create a new cutting punch C9 Create 3dquickpresw new cutting punch from existing cutting punch by: Insert component to the die set structure based on the hole series.

Create Hole body Click OK to create the holes. 3dqyickpress all entities by window selection at A,B and press Delete Create rectangular PRL assembly Select 00 folder and press Ctrl-C and then followed by Ctrl-V 4. Click Tools, Sketch entities, Rectangle to create a 10mm x 8mm rectangle Minimize the part window and return to the main DS06 assembly window using the Window menu.

Hide all sketches by selecting in the feature manager and using Hide Sketch. Click Tools, Sketch entities, Centerline to create a diagonal and add a mid point relationship with Origin.

Create rectangular PRL punch Press Left Arrow to tile the view Exit Sketch and you now have a new hole body for Lower Die Set Browse for the part in C: The associated holes will be updated and components will follow.


Create a drawing for R02D. Drag the roll back bar to Folder DP 5.

Click File, New to create a new part document 3. Click File, Save And modify C9 bitmap Cutting punch customization finished. Click Rectangle and create a 40mmx40mm rectangle 5. You should have a fully defined sketch.


Select Front Plane, click Insert, Sketch Figure 1 Simple cutting punch only containing a part, the bitmap C0. Use similar techniques to insert Guide Bushes to Stripper and Dieplates in the corresponding subassemblies L. Input 2mm for the offset distance. Rename Copy of 00 to DS06 5.