Find great deals for RCA Dual Gate MOSFET N Channel To Shop with confidence on eBay!. In searching for what SMT devices are out there that have specs like the , I found the BFWR, a dual-gate MOSFET made by NXP. Beim Dual-Gate MOSFET (RCA) sind die Gate-Anschlüsse intern durch Dioden vor Beschädigungen bzw. Zerstörungen durch statische Aufladungen.

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An Apple I replica like the Mimeo 1 needs old logic chips for artistic purposes. Someone would pick mosfe device based on specs or availability, and write about the project. I thought is was diode, cathode, electrode, overload, generator, oscillator. I need to ask the Product Engineer for some samples Redesigning to remove obsolescent components means going back through FAA certification.

No mention of cross-refs…?

Some websites are absolutely woeful, bringing up results that have one word of your search in them, and in no way relate to what you need… eg: Note that the NXP and Infineon parts have different specs.

There is of course also a slightly macabre alternative scenario.

Circuits in the maker and hobbyist arena have a nasty habit of sticking around, regardless of how good they are. Excessively frustrating… what takes seconds in a catalog takes hours on a webpage.

RCA Dual Gate MOSFET N Channel To72 | eBay

And, the noise figure is aobut 1. BTW, for anyone who has to deal with a 3n, observe every ESD precaution in the planet with that part because they are extremely susceptible. This all is much harder these days now that parts counterfeiting is a major issue.

Philips also makes them. You moved further into the hobby and learned where you could substitute parts, you came to know the familiar solid state devices so you knew that diode was germanium and needed germanium, but that small NPN signal bipolar transistor in an audio oscillator could be just about any small signal transistor, so long as it was NPN, and even then a PNP could often work as long as you made adjustments.


It also worth pointing out, that jellybean RF JFET’s like J’s in through-lead packages are now largely unavailable but the surface mount versions are still readily available. But in all fairness, still a dodo of a component. No, I think gate devices are old hat now, better use a gate one…: October 23, Launched in the mists of time when dinosaurs probably still roamed the earth, this static-sensitive four-pin TO72 found a home in a huge variety of RF amplifiers, oscillators, and mixers.

OK, maybe germanium diodes are an edge case and the examples above have a radio flavour, but you get the picture.

40673 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

These were balanced mixers, the extra transistors irrelevant because it was in an IC. The beginner was at the mercy of the parts list, buying that expensive HEP IC because he wanted to follow the article exactly out of fear of making a mistake, not realizing the author specified that HEP replacement line part because it was very available.

The specific reason that most of your criticism is not correct is because there are some numbers and parts that are so perfect for their required design purpose that it seems more work or cumbersome to redesign using modern parts.

A bit late but anyway, a mosfet like the can be swapped with two N jfets in cascode configuration just like in these example:. I appreciate your criticism not because the criticism is correct, but rather it is an accurate observation about the lack of part availability. Epoxy-blobs, I tell you!

We knew by heart omsfet each device was capable of, and we eagerly devoured each new tidbit of information as it arrived. Given these are devices from a past generation, the BF others mentioned certainly seems to fill the bill for a replacement and you can buy them by the bag-full from the usual Asian suppliers. Remember, the wire pitch coming out of an mosffet TO plastic transistor is 20 wires per inch or 0.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Germanium point-contact diodes, for example. They contained significant excerpts from semiconductor data sheets, and we read their wealth of information from cover to cover. There are markets where product life expectancy and maintainability are more of concern and this introduces some other dynamics.

I bought a few last-buys. Rochester electronics is one such place that will supply parts albeit expensively until the cows come home. Notify me of 40637 posts via email.

Actually what I used original was a low-noise version of the 2N something like an MPS that I happened to have some of in my junkbox. Which I think was not particularly good. Inverters are a percentage of the hardware cost of a PV installation, and getting that price down DOES directly correlate into more rooftop solar. You had to buy the kit, or hope the author would supply the IC. Which exactly are the parts that have superseded the 74HC?

The pitch on the leads of a SOTR is 1. Thus an association was formed, when you want a quick logic function then 74HC is the modern one to go mosfwt.

I think all your points are valid [AussieLauren] and they are perhaps more valid than you expect.

RCA Dual Gate MOSFET N Channel 40673 To72

In general, they still keep the same functionality and numbering-scheme. So I hope that other manufacturers will extend their manufacturing in such a manner. Much more sensitive than the later pentagrid mixers! As far as I know, those boards are still being built the same way today.

Because even today, thirty years after the shuffled off this mortal coil, you can still find people specifying it. Cordless phones have moved up in frequency, and are using larger scale integration, a lot less useful for reusing the parts.