PE Max2 ATX Mainboard. Mainboard Specifications. CPU. Supports Socket for Intel® Pentium 4 processor. Supports up G/MHz and higher. MSI PE Max2 Motherboard. Company: MSI Product: PE Max2 MB Street Price: ~$ USD Date Reviewed: January 28, Reviewed By: Jason R. As usual, MSI is one of the first manufacturers to have adopted the new iPE chipset, and with it they produced the MSI PE Max2-FIR motherboard.

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The only missing component is Serial ATA, but since those SATA hard drives still haven’t popped up in stores, this is something we can live with quite easily for the moment. What’s most disappointing about the BIOS tweaking that comes with this board is the lack of any adjustable memory dividers in any shape or form.

The extra power requirement is something which surely comes in handy when all those extra on board devices are being used as well. About Us Employment 8455pe Policy.

What does that leave to move around? DIMM sockets sometimes move around, but in general they are always in the same orientation. Again, this type of overclock is not out of the ordinary for motherboards, especially PE motherboards.

Support For PE Max2 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

This should be plenty for most memory overclockers, even despite the fact that overvolting memory doesn’t yield too much better of a memory overclock to 845ps with.

We would have liked to have seen if this board could reach MHz memory clock, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen in any future BIOS revision.


With 845ppe very conservative overclocking setup we were able to go “only” as high as MHz FSB, or just over 2. In any case, it really isn’t a problem, but if you have a lot of CD-ROM’s and are unwilling to move to a full tower case, then it is something to keep in mind.

Moving on, the general layout and placement of the components on a motherboard is not something which can vary widely. Front Side Bus Overclocking Msx2. Ships with the following: However, this isn’t too much of a limitation, as running over 1. There were some pretty decent voltage adjustments in this particular BIOS.

MSI 845PE Max2-FIR (845PE)

Of course, that would assume you get CPU that overclocks at least as good as ours does. The auxiliary 4-pin power connector is also well placed, and in addition to those two 845pd a standard Molex connector.

With specs like that you can understand why I’ve just upgraded my office computer with this model board. There were no onboard jumpers or switches that could have changed the BIOS settings with this motherboard either. This amount of info is about the norm as far as PC Health sections and Hardware Monitors are concerned.

MSI PE Max2-FIR: BIOS and Overclocking – MSI PE Max2-FIR (PE)

Consumers with MHz based P4’s were still paring them up with PC memory and performance suffered consequently. Throw in one of those optional MSI Bluetooth kits and you have one mean little red 845le Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. We dry fitted this case in a standard Aopen QF50A case and found that the metal frame for the drive bays butts up against the edge of the PCB – so the board does fit without a problem. One odd thing we noticed with the PC 845e readings was that it consistently reported our 2.


Privacy policy and Terms of Use. This feature has played a key part in allowing numerous users to overclock their FSB to very high speeds. However, it seems the vast majority of motherboard makers simply aren’t including these three additional options for their PE 485pe for one reason or another.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This was odd because nearly every Pentium 4 motherboard we’ve used have reported max22 CPU temperature no higher than 43C in the BIOS, with as low as 33C being reported by a select few motherboards. Log in Don’t have an account? VAGP was very good too, being adjustable as high as 1. VDIMM options went as high as 2. Vcore is adjustable as high as 1.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. This says something about the accuracy of reading temperatures from the Pentium 4’s on-die thermal diode. Following the recent trends from this company we are faced with a board that has literally everything on board in the most desirable configuration that is.