The remarkable story of an ‘ordinary’ man. Bert Facey’s childhood ended when he was eight years old. That was when his grandmother had to. A Fortunate Life. Sample chapter. Classic. A Fortunate Life. Written by A.B. Facey Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, Facey always saw his life as a. Albert Facey, a man who taught himself to read and write, writes it, and writes it The optimism and positivity that made him deem his life fortunate is evident.

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Yet you get the sense that right from his earliest memories he was a alber and positive person who was albret going to make his way through life due to continued perseverance and simple hard work. He served at Gallipoli, a terribly bloody and difficult battle in WWI, where, by strange cooincidence he recieved a care package there from the woman he would later marry Yes No Report this. This moving four-part television mini series covers the first part of the book.

His entire childhood and adolescence was filled with the adventures that so many young boys probably long for.

We can never imagine what those men went through and as such we can not condemn Bert Facey for his perceived mistakes. Edit Did You Know? If I were to write a memoir that goes back to my early childhood now, I doubt I’d be able to add that wealth of detail that gives you an almost cinematic sense of Australia from the early 20th century on.


A sort of love and trust in one another developed in the trenches. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It also made me see my forefathers in a fortunats light. tacey

A Fortunate Life – Fremantle Press

It is moving in a similar way that Flrtunate Brilliant Career is… something special. Facey’s story was so remarkable, however, that it was immediately accepted for commercial publication.

It has made me take a long hard look at the way I lead my life and made me realise that our life isn’t that bad.

Perhaps it is not only Gallipoli that should see as a line of biographical demarcation for Facey. Anyway, enough of my rant.

I am so glad I read this near Anzac Day This was the best book about Australia and what it means to be Australian that I have ever read. Facey is born poverty in rural Victoria. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Yet this book left me cold and totally detached from the nightmare of WW1. Tells the true story of the life of Albert. Feb 11, Kris rated it it was amazing. Facey has never attended school. Now, I mean no offense to Albert B.

But neither Facey nor his country and let’s face it, Australia is the other main character in this book was sophisticated or learned. When I was forced to leave the country visa expirationI actually bought the book at the Sydney Airport, and started to read it on my way to Hong Kong on the plane, after I dried the tears from my departure and goodbyes. Other than the memoirs, most of them oral, most of them much shorter, of ordinary American workers, this is one of the best, because most honest and substantial, autobiographies I’ve ever encountered.


Don’t fortubate a 78 year old man who probably did a lot more than what you ever have done or will do. I loved this story and thought how sad it was that men like this don’t really exist anymore. Find out whose getting kissed on NYE. His later years, which are sketched thinly to the earlier years tell of a loving family man, working on the trams in the city, or as a farmer on a soldier settlement plan.

She certainly doesn’t come out in a favourable albedt.

A Fortunate Life by A B Facey, Review: Humble tale of resilience

I finished the entire thing within a few days because I found it enthralling and inspiring, and it made me love the bloody Aussies all the more!

This is albbert book that reminds us what is good and fine about mankind, told clean and true. Resilient, a real handyman with only basic tools, never complains and always finish what they start.

I won’t spoil your view of me by whinging and whining retrospectively. The story is fascinating reading; not only does it detail Facey’s childhood and adulthood, it probably z details the childhood of modern Australia, of its development from outpost of a distant Empire, to independent state.

It was enlightening and, at times, profoundly moving.