A Linguistic Theory of Translation (Language and Language Learning) [J.C. Catford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. J. C. Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistics – pages. Get this from a library! A linguistic theory of translation, by j.c. catford.. [J c Catford].

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D h D 1 Only possible equivalent: We will say more about Navaho colour terms later see 7. Ignoring this we can translate b I as II, b as I if lower-case were used, the equivalents would be bl and 1.

Such cases are not rare in French, cf. Thus, in both Cyrillic and Roman we have, for instance: We give here a brief discussion oinguistic illustration of category- shifts, in the order structure-shifts, class-shifts, unit-shifts rank- changesintra-system-shifts.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation

Kurt rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Other parts of the general field of linguistics include Institu- tional Linguistics and the theory of Language Varieties dealt with in Chapter Catford A Linguistic Theory of Translation This is an important work which brings a new degree of precision into the analysis of what is involved in translation from one language to another.

Linguistic Theory 1 2 Translation: Thus, for example, the traditional transliteration of Sanskrit is into Roman letters — but it is not, strictly, into Latin graphology, for the Roman alphabet has to be supplemented by a number of diacritics linguisfic correspond to letter-distinctions in Skt.


The contrasts fo of two kinds i contrasts of tone, i. Thedookz J.c.catforv rated it liked it Jan 09, A decision, in any particular case, as to what is functionally relevant in trnaslation sense must in our present state of knowledge remain to some extent a matter of opinion. Here, the lexical item sauna appears to have been transferred bodily into the TL.

Po vode-to ne xod’at. Where have you walked in from? In terms of probabilities we can state the translation equivalences as follows: This may happen when one is speaking a foreign language.

It is this autonomy of phonology which makes it possible for two or more lexical or grammatical items to share the same phonological exponents — e. Every normal adult plays a series of different social roles — one man, for example, may function at different times as head of a family, motorist, cricketer, member of a religious group, professor of biochemistry and so on, and within his idiolect he has varieties shared by other persons and other idiolects appropriate to these roles.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics – J. C. Catford – Google Books

These are the smallest meaningful units of grammar. The relations entered into by the formal linguistic units of grammar and lexis are of two kinds i formal relations, ii contextual relations. The Japanese institution, like the English one, does involve immersion in hot water, and washing the body is an integral part of the bath-taking and is performed inside the bathroom itself, though before actually entering the water to soak.

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French English zero the some a other zero 67’7 le 64 6 — du un 7 1 am indebted to Dr.

Linguistic Theory of Translation : J.C. Catford :

The subject is a large one and requires much further study. Huddleston for this information. He may continue to use zoological register with the con- sultative style he uses in a seminar with graduate students, or with the casual style he uses in common-room scientific gossip with colleagues.

Transferences of this kind occur, though in what is not strictly a translation-situation, in Indian English — for instance in novels about India written in English by Indians. This is a perfectly possible way of describing the pheno- menon. The interpreter translates this my brother. The primary ele- ments of word-structure are B base and A affix. The markers of styles may be lexical, grammatical or phono- logical. In a listing of types of translation-shift, such as we gave in It is changes of these types which we refer to as category-shifts.