“Durwan” is a word comprised of Urdu, Hindi and Persian roots. According to Oxford Dictionary, it means a porter or doorkeeper, yet in many cases, like Boori. A Real Durwan tells the tale of a 64 year old live in doorkeeper who trudges up and down the stairs keeping them clean with her reed broom that never leaves. “Yet there was a day were my feet touched nothing but marble.” (A Real Durwan, Boori Ma). Boori Ma is thinking about back when she used to.

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By Website Contributors On Jul 27, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The reader left aware that life is going to be harder for Boori Ma. The residents resl Boori Ma of informing the robbers in negligence for her job. Nevertheless, her tales harmed no one and she was entertaining.

A Real Durwan by Jhumpa Lahiri

Thus curwan hours of filling receipts for a distributor of rubber tubes and pipes had ended. He takes her away for ten days and Mrs. Boori Ma talks again about her lost comforts — such comforts Mrs. Reql could not manage all these as he worked in selling toilet parts of a wholesale distributor. Dalal was not also stable financially. As she sweeps, her raspy voice details the losses she has suffered because of Partition.

Even he promise his wife,that he would bring a fridge but he could not bring it. She knows better than to sit on the furniture, so she crouches in doorways and takes in life from a distance. The skeleton keys themselves may be x as for Boori Ma they represent a different type of life.


Something he does not have to do. But after a long run his fortune smile on him when his distributors Profit had doubled and the distributor was going to open the second branch in Burdwan. To appease his wife after their argument, it is rumored that Mr.

The Real Durwan by Emma Shelton on Prezi

It is story that appeals to the pathetic in us. When Boori Ma protests,the residents continue to accuse her because of rea her former unreliable stories. He comes to the conclusion that the building needs a real durwan to keep their valuables safe. She visits The Dalals. Mr Dalaal had bought 2 ceramic basins and was returning home in happy mood.

The fact that Mr Chatterjee makes the decision for the residents when it comes to what to do with Boori Ma might also be important.

Write a note on the characteristics of the residents of the flat building and its neighborhood? If anything Boori Ma has been incorrectly judged by those in the building. However it is also noticeable that Mr Boori Ma does spend an excessive amount of time without a blanket. Perhaps he did not believe in the story of boori ma who had been a refuge from East Bengal due to the partition of India.

Boori Ma is indirectly characterised to be a victim of the harsh and underprivileged means of life. Mrs Dalal a generally kindhearted women who leads a dissatisfied life, although she has a soft spot for Boori as she is very kind to her offering to buy her a new set of bedding and giving her food when she can.


However one thing is certain. This site uses cookies: This was clearly shown how Boori Ma never really had the chance to live a better life after separation from her family. Though the other residents do not believe Boori Ma when she talks about her life prior to sweeping the building. Unfortunately, life for Boori Ma does durwzn end well as she looses her job, home and life savings. Taken from her Interpreter of Maladies collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and from the beginning of the story the reader realises that Lahiri may be exploring the theme of struggle.

Short Story Analysis: A Real Durwan by Jhumpa Lahiri – The Sitting Bee

Boori Ma asks her to inspect her back for the mites she assumes torment her in her sleep. Dalal, who has a soft spot for Boori Ma, comes to the roof to dry lemon peels. Best of all, she kept the stairs spotlessly clean and the outside world at bay. The use of direct characterisation in this story tells the readers that Boori Ma does her job well as a gatekeeper in ensuring the stairwell is kept spotless and that unknown or suspicious people are kept out of the residential area.

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