Kurt Vonnegut cites Theodore Sturgeon as the inspiration for his character Kilgore Trout. This volume includes 12 stories from , considered Sturgeon’s. by Theodore Sturgeon If she’s dead, I thought, I’ll never find her in this white flood of moonlight on the white sea, with the surf seething in and. X Minus One aired Theodore Sturgeon’s “A Saucer of Loneliness” on January 9, It appeared originally in the February issue of.

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When she awakes, she insists that the spacecraft spoke to her, and she states that the saucer specifically wanted to give her a message.

autopilot off: A Saucer Of Loneliness

The message in the bottles is a poem about loneliness. The time frame is shorter. Such a loneliness is mine; so know by this. But we are now in the Atomic Age, and our female heroine has gone out to Central Park in New York City to sturgwon the very first touch of spring.

Good Short Fiction to Read.

She find another temporary solution though a more lasting one to preserve her sanity and stave off her compounded loneliness, for even before she had encountered theodoree little saucer, she had been lonely the way many unloved children are, even as they have almost reached full adulthood.

They interrogate her about everything but especially about what the saucer had said to her. In her loneliness and isolation, she takes to throwing messages in bottles into the ocean. Kornbluth No One-Trick Pony. There is one lonelier than you. For all that, the concentration of it moves the emotions of the reader quite unexpectedly, and creates a whole new vision of theoxore two principle characters at the end than one had of theoore at the beginning.


I never knew that science fiction can be this short. Grandmaster Theodore Sturgeon Let’s get him published in sturheon paperbacks again so that today’s masses can discover him! The story begins in media resbut I will set the reader up by describing the past that has led up to the matter of crisis that sets the story in motion.

What they wanted was a new weapon. He tells her that he thinks she is beautiful.

The authorities obtain no information from the saucer or from the girl. It was a bottle with a message inside. She starts to tell him her story: She immediately ends the date and goes home to cry herself to sleep. Log in No account? Frequently she meets nice-seeming lonrliness who would court her, but they always end up showing their true cards by asking her about what the saucer told her.

He spots her in the ocean and plunges in to save her. Even though she is plain and awkward, men ask her out in dates, but only in order to find out what the saucer said to her. She enjoys walking on the beach but is very lonely.

Kornbluth He knew the future all too well. It had a bigger ocean to cross- all of space- and not much chance of finding anybody.


She said nothing, but it was as if a light came from her, more light and far less shadow than the practiced moon could cast. She refuses to answer, as the saucer was talking only to her, and thinks that it’s nobody else’s business. Margaret and the man walk away arm-in-arm. In zaucer, this short story of Theodore Sturgeon theodoer adapted by the French television, with the title “La soucoupe de solitude” and actress Catherine Leprince playing the main character.

The authorities try to collect all the bottles, but give up when they find the same message in each bottle. For instance, the loneliness of the woman is obvious from the beginning of the episode, as opposed to the gradual reveal in the short story. The resolution the orb is missing in the short story.

As company is loneloness by lesser beings.

A Saucer of Loneliness

Views Read Edit View history. Howard Phillips Lovecraft Reaility is far more than we surmise it to lonelinesz. Finally, she resorted to taking a job as a night cleaner so that no one else will see her. But however spiritually hungry she is to be valued as an individuala, she soon sees through to their ulterior motives.