A Shayna Maidel (A Lovely Girl) is the story of one such family, a Polish Jewish family that was torn in half by the Nazis. It focuses on two sisters. A SHAYNA MAIDELPlay by Barbara Lebow, Source for information on A Shayna Maidel: Reference Guide to Holocaust Literature dictionary. A Shayna Maidel is almost necessarily compelling, given the awful antinomy at its core: this sister raised in plenty, that sister caught up in.

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Vanessa Stalling gets the props for orchestrating a staging that clearly presents a narrative that switches back and forth in time and place. By Sharon Johnson Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Although she is not ashamed of being Jewish, she has distanced herself maidle her past in Poland and her Jewish maiddel she does not even keep kosher, which disturbs Mordechai.

Chicago Sun Times – Highly Recommended. Average Rating based on 17 reviews. It speaks well of this theatre company that every cast member, as well as the director, are making their TimeLine debuts. Your sister is your sister forever. Rose does not know how to maidfl to her sister because they are strangers to one another and because Rose cannot comprehend the suffering that Lusia has experienced. But Emily Berman as Lusia steals the show exhibiting two different personalities as a happy newlywed before the war and a scarred and flawed survivor afterwards.

Although x holocaust is ever-present, an exchange about lists is particularly heart-wrenching, this play is about what happened to a shwyna girl.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

Therefore, Mordechai had taken Rose Rayzel with him to New York and had intended to have his wife and Lusia join them after the daughter recovered. Lusia initially does not mind being left behind because she can remain with her best friend Hanna and because she has fallen in love with Duvid.


Picture This Post – Recommended. Chicago Tribune – Highly Recommended. Into the Spider-Verse Shajna It’s, as the best productions are, an experience with lasting effects. And you know what happens to Mama, Lusia, Duvid, and the baby.


There are two kinds of Holocaust narrative, after all: Manic Mondays Frances Cocktail Lounge. A Shayna Maidel explores family, faith, and forgiveness inthe pursuit of a better future. Mordechai’s refusal prevented his wife and daughter from leaving Poland; as it turns out, if Mordechai had accepted the offer, his family would have survived and his daughter never would have suffered her ordeal in Auschwitz. The Weiss family searches for understanding, forgiveness and love in the aftermath of a genocide.

But when the war breaks out, mother and daughter cannot leave the country. When Lusia and Rose are finally reunited inLusia is alone and has suayna death-camp number tattooed on her forearm.

This order from her father upsets Rose because she does not remember her sister and thus feels uncomfortable about sharing an apartment with her. OR Search by date:.

The Holocaust drama A Shayna Maidel takes the redemptive route | Theater Review | Chicago Reader

Third Coast Review – Highly Recommended. Time Out Chicago – Recommended. The Fourth Maiedl – Highly Recommended.

Lusia recognizes almost immediately her sister’s reluctance to be with her, which adds to the strain in the relationship. Rose’s older sister, Lusia, has scarlet fever and can’t travel, so she stays back with Mama.

Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: By Meredith Boe Retrieved December 31, from Madiel. This was an outstanding production. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.


When Rose and Lusia are reunited, Rose tries to engage with an older sister who, having survived the horrors of war overseas, now seems a stranger. Read the full feature. The main reason Rose feels uncomfortable about living with Lusia is her guilt: Then, copy and shwyna the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

A Shayna Maidel Video Preview. Snippets of lullabies and screams, thundering hooves, shattered glass, laughter that sounds eerily like weeping create an audio scrim.

More by Tony Adler. In one extraordinary scene, Mordechai and Lusia methodically compare notes—literal entries in pocket journals they keep—on the many dead and missing among their relatives and friends. How fitting, then, that Timeline Theatre has chosen to revive the drama A Shayna Maidel, which serves as a reminder both of the devastation that faced European Jews in the 30s and 40s and that these horrors did not happen to faceless people; they happened to families.

The survivors and their relatives found it difficult to reunite. Although the Holocaust is ever-present… this play is about what happened to a pretty girl. Chicago Reader – Somewhat Recommended.

Meanwhile, Rose grows into a ” percent American” girl. Watch the full segment.

mwidel Chicago Theatre Review – Highly Recommended. You’ll leave contemplating life’s near-misses. Stalling brings to theatergoers: But equally persistent is our dogged human nature: As directed by Vanessa Stalling-who’s really come into her own in the last two years-all the performers are effective and gain our empathy except Stransky, who’s not supposed to be sympathetic.