A Shortened History of England. Front Cover. George Macaulay Trevelyan. Penguin Books, – Gran Bretaña- – Historia – pages. Trevelyan was an English historian whose work, written for the general reader as much as for the history student, shows an appreciation for the Whig traiditon in. A Shortened History of England has ratings and 17 reviews. Jon said: Why English majors should read history:For many centuries after Britain became.

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Its grand old mythology inculcated or reflected the virtues of the race – manliness, generosity, loyalty in service and in friendship, and a certain rough honesty. Marcus rated it really liked it Jun 11, Carr considered Trevelyan to be one of the last historians of the Whig tradition. Six or seven weeks of disagreeable ocean tossing divided London from Boston, so that personal intercourse was slight, and the stream of emigration from the mother country had run very dry ever since Read for a class at U.

A Shortened History of England. G.M. Trevelyan. Book People

English society was then still aristocratic, while American society was already democratic. Published April 1st by Penguin Books first published Trevelyan does not theorize, but feels content to only “point like a showman to the things of the past, with their manifold and mysterious message”. Reece rated it it was amazing May 16, Never was sporting life more attractive, with its coaching on the newly improved roads, and its shortenef matches patronized by the nobility.

Wellington’s remarks about the soldiers who won his battles, as “the scum of the earth,” enlisted “for drink,” represent the common limitations of the upper-class sympathy at that period. I read somewhere that Trevelyan’s works are now “largely unread”, which is a very great tragedy. The task awaiting their successors, under the later monarchs of the House of Hanover, was to adapt this system of Parliamentary Cabinet government to the new social facts created by the Industrial Revolution.


Jan 31, Jackson Cyril rated it really liked it Shelves: Finally, the extension of the political franchise to all compelled the nation to elaborate a system of national education out of the fragmentary efforts of private and denominational enterprise.

A Shortened History of England. G.M. Trevelyan

Nov 25, Paul Wilner rated it it was amazing. Turgut rated it it was amazing Jan 10, I think that it was appropriate for people not deeply studied in history, like myself, although the later chapters are less easy on the lay reader than those on the pre-modern eras. Trevelyan’s description of historical events is no less than an intellectual as well as artistic masterpiece.

Its moist and mossy floor was hidden from heaven’s eye by a close-drawn curtain woven of innumerable tree-tops, which shivered in the breezes of summer dawn and broke into wild music of millions upon millions of wakening birds; the concert was prolonged from bough to bough with scarcely a break for hundreds of miles over hill and plain and mountain, unheard by man save where, at rarest intervals, a troop of skin-clad hunters, stone-axe in hand, moved furtively over the ground beneath, ignorant that they lived upon an island, not dreaming that there could be other parts of the world besides this damp green woodland with its meres and marshes, wherein they hunted, a terror to its four-footed inhabitants and themselves afraid.

A Shortened History of England

In twenty five millions were raised by direct, and sixty seven millions by indirect, taxation. She has long been half European; she shall now become oceanic – and America as well, and yet remain English all the while p.

Aaron rated it it was amazing Dec 09, A failure to make these adjustments would have led to a breakdown of the Parliamentary system and a war of classes.

If English history followed a very different course, it was partly because the custom of primogeniture, though originated to meet a fedual requirement, had become part of the land-law of an England that was rapidly escaping from feudalism. But to give a just conception of British history, a single word must sometimes be employed to cover the German, the Anglo-Saxon, and the Sacandinavian peoples of the Fifth Century.


Charles rated it really liked it Apr 09, In two societies so widely set apart in the circumstances and atmosphere of everyday life, it required people with imaginative faculties like Burke, Chatham and Fox to conceive what the issues looked like to ordinary men on the other side of the Atlantic.

Cover painting by Hogarth. James rated it liked it Sep 28, Altogether an informative overview of English history. It’s taken me about four months to read, and it was a day of great rejoicing when I finished. Parliamentary boroughs and municipal oligarchies could be as corrupt and ridiculous as they liked; it was enough that they were old. When men collectively are very poor some few must be made rich if htere is to be any accumulation of weatlth for civilized purposes.

We are watching an important step towards the higher stages of civilization – the growth of a leisured class. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lots of stuff packed into a small space.

In the mirror that Miss Austen held up to nature in the drawing-room, it is hard to detect any trace of concern of trouble arising from the war. In England political opinion englajd mainly that of squires, while in America it was derived from farmers, water-side mobs, and frontiersmen of the forest.

And therefore the younger sons, after being brought up as children of the manor house, hisyory sent out into the world to seek their fortunes. That sense of the brotherhood of classes in WWI which was so marked in our own more democratic day had no place in the Anti-Jacobin mentality. Trevelyan’s history is engaged and partisan.