Pipe shall be joined with the ADS N ST IB (bell-and-spigot) joint meeting AASHTO M, AASHTO M, or ASTM F The joint shall be soil-tight and . AASHTO M Standard Specification for Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, to mm ( to in.) Diameter. standard by American Association of. Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, to mm Diameter. Scope. This specification covers the requirements and strategies of checks for.

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Water Management Product Catalog Nominal sizes of to mm 12 to 60 in. Upon request of the user or engineer, the manufacturer shall provide profile wall section detail required for a full engineering evaluation.

Rows of Perforationsa H, Max,b mm in. Rounding up to the nearest integer, the minimum average failure time for 5 specimens m2294 not be less than 7 hours, and no single specimen shall fail in less than 4 hours. The rate of loading shall be the same as in Section 9.

N pipe is available in soil tight STwater tight WT and plain end, all of which offer joint options of bell and spigot design, gasket, bell wrap or pressure-rated This specification covers the requirements and methods of tests for corrugated polyethylene PE pipe, couplings, and fittings for use in surface and subsurface drainage applications. The date of manufacture or an appropriate code. The stub compression test, AASHTO Tshall be a material and wall design qualification test conducted twice a year or whenever there are changes in wall design or material distribution.

These fittings are installed by various methods.

The design of the fittings shall be such that when connected with the pipe, the axis of the assembly will be level and true when tested in accordance with Section 9. The perforations shall not cut into the corrugation sidewalls. Impact points shall be at least mm 6 in.

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Additionally, the pipe manufacturer shall have the resin blend. Corrugated, smooth interior, high-density polyethylene HDPE pipe Introduced indual wall N pipe, with its smooth interior aashtoo and corrugated exterior, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. The physical location of the plant s ; X1. Liner Thickness, Mina, mm in.


The buckling deflection limit shall be determined by the following equation: This can be accomplished conveniently by optically aahsto the profile and determining the section properties using a computer drafting program.

Number of couplings; 5. Commentary is shown in the margins of the standard. The feeler gauge should not pass through the corrugation valley into a void at any location along the circumference of the pipe.

The designated quality control technicians will be responsible for overall quality control at the producing plant. Inspect for damage while at the specified deflection and after load removal. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. The melt-blended sample shall be tested for melt index, density, and NCLS in accordance with the number of hours per the requirements of the standard. Each manufacturer may establish and maintain its own laboratory for performance of quality control testing or may utilize an approved independent laboratory.

Reducer fittings shall not reduce the cross-sectional area of the small size. The method of identification shall allow the specifying agency to trace the finished product to the material provider; X1.

Calculate the Popelar time and stress multiplication factors to shift the failure times from the elevated temperature test condition to the service condition: Load the connected pipe and joint between parallel plates at the rate of The following information must be included in the plan: This appendix should serve as a guide for both the manufacturer and the user. Fabricated fittings shall be manufactured from pipe meeting the requirements of this specification and all seams must be completely sealed with compatible PE material.

The desired service life is years.


An annual update may be required. Aashtoo illustration of the corrugation height, hp Figure 3: The minimum UCLS failure time shall be prescribed based on the service conditions temperature and factored design stress and desired service life as detailed in A2 of the Annex. The fittings shall not reduce or impair the overall integrity or function of the pipe line.


If specimens are taken directly from the finished pipe liner, they shall be die cut from the longitudinal direction and notched on the outer surface of the liner, perpendicular to the direction of flow, as shown below in Figure 4.

Density of pipe compounds containing recycled materials should be conducted by the ultrasound technique in accordance with ASTM D since ultrasonic density is not affected by colorants and other inorganic compounds that may be present in these materials.

The deflection limit is expressed as a percentage reduction of the inside diameter. Below is the uncorrected machine-read text of this chapter, intended to provide our own search engines and external engines with highly rich, chapter-representative searchable text of each book. Calculate the minimum required UCLS failure time for the test condition to ensure the desired service life is met using Aasuto A2.

N Dual Wall Specifications. However, the research is applicable to both types.

Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe AASHTO M —

Resins that have higher cell classifications in one or more properties, with the exception of density, are acceptable provided product requirements are met.

Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? Use a flat plate specimen holder.

When blends of virgin resins are used for pipe manufacture, the final blended resin must meet the requirements of the standard. The sample shall be prepared either by direct sampling from the feed hopper of the extruder after the material has already been weigh-blended by the blenders or other means asshto, or by manually weigh-blending the individual components to the specified finished blend ratios.