The goal of the ABAP Workbench Foundations (BC) course is for you to gain a detailed knowledge of the fundamental concepts of ABAP. In this course, students gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts of ABAP and learn how to comfortably and efficiently work with the ABAP Workbench tools . ABAP/4 Development Workbench. Objectives Chapter 2. The ABAP/4 Programming Language. ABAP/4 Development Workbench Architecture. ABAP/4 : General.

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You can do this in any ABAP processing block that was processed before the screen is sent to the presentation server. SAP Application Hierarchy The structure of the application components is depicted in the application hierarchy.

Use a LOOP to display the contents of the internal table in a list. The logon language setting on the logon screen specifies the language in which text elements will be displayed.

How to prepare for ABAP Certification ? – Sapignite

Simple Detail List You program a detail list as follows: In the case of incompletely predefined ABAP types, the system adds standard values to replace the missing type information. The runtime system gets all this program information from the Repository, which is a special part of the database.

In the Favorites abao menu, choose Insert Transaction. In the context of this training course, it is sufficient to show one simple excerpt from this data model; this can be modified to suit your own needs, if necessary: At runtime, the system generates an appropriate database query in the database interface.


ABAP Workbench Foundation

So that a repository object is available on a system-wide basis, it must first be available as an active version. Internal Program Modularization BC The data objects passed to a subroutine that is, the actual parameters abp be ahap any type. Reading Database Tables Exercise 8: Authorization Checks Figure The same applies to fields of transparent tables.

If you want to include an inverted comma in a text literal, you must enter it twice. We also introduce the appropriate terminology, so that you will find it easier to understand the in-depth documentation.

This serves as the basis for the scalability of the system. Vertically, all levels can be installed on top of each other on one computer or each level on a separate computer. Selection Screen Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: A decisive criterion for the combination of development projects is, therefore, which repository objects need to be transported together because of their dependencies.

Calculating the percentage 1. Aabp can select functions from a context menu in both screen areas. Object Navigator You can create a new program object screen for your program directly from the object list in the navigation area. The individual data records cb400 an internal table are known as table rows or table entries.

Business Example You have to examine a specified ABAP program to see whether global data types are used in it, and if so, which ones. AA, AB, and so on.

BC400 Introduction à ABAP Workbench

For detailed information about the initial values for a particular type, refer to the keyword documentation on the CLEAR statement. Working with Structures You define the data object itself in the usual way. Type conversions and type casting are supported. Only execute the database access if the user has display authorization for the selected airline. As well as the technical attributes, the type of an input or output field can provide further information; for example, you can use it to control the field or input help.


It controls the dialog with, and data retrieval for, the possible entries help. This is called the worklist. All output from the event blocks that create the lists and from the modularization units processed before a list is sent, is temporarily stored in the list buffer.

After you have selected a data object and executed the where-used list in programs, the system displays a list of the locations found. Secondary index If the aabap requested from the database are retrieved according to fields in a secondary index, the Database Optimizer can perform access using this secondary index.

However, these are not required during this training course. Also used for cross-references to other documentation both internal in this documentation and gc400 in other locations, such as SAPNet. Words must always be separated by at least one space. Subroutines in Debugging Mode In debugging mode, you can make a subroutine run without stopping. Type Style Description Example text Words or characters that appear on the screen.

You can select subtrees and navigate from the application hierarchy into the Repository Information System.