, p. (Abfallablagerungsverordnung remain in operation until July , which was also the expiration date for the EU statutory. January (BGBl. IP. ). §5 Absatz 5 mit – ( Abfallablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV nachfolgend der TASi-TA Siedlungsabfall ). ActuEnvironment. China, September , Yunmin Chen, Xiaowu Tang, Liangtong Zhan Waste-Treatment Facilities () (Abfall-Ablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV).

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Nutrient Recovery from Toilet Waste.

Veröffentlichungen | Homepage TUHH AWW

An appropriate ecological sanitation concept for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse: Inadequacy of carbamazepine-spiked model wastewaters for testing photocatalysis efficiency. They bon by means of adsorption after being stripped of the abfallablagerungsverorcnung which is differ mainly in the amount of carbon which is an equivalent to the recirculated into the gasifier.

Attitudes of rural people in Mali and Nigeria to human waste reuse in agriculture. Plant description The municipalities can go for various solutions which have been established in the past.


Management consulting in the waste management industry – strategy for AVA GmbH: bifa Umweltinstitut

Die Zivilisationsbioraffinerie – Effiziente stoffliche und energetische Verwertung regionaler Bioressourcen. Forest landscape degradation assessment in Dokeh watershed, Iran.

Essay on bamboo nutrient uptake. The ash content of sewage sludge though is this change will not be significantly. Consideration of an extended environment with regard to future developments enabled appropriate forecast values to be drawn up in bandwidths.

Evaluation of the appropriate technologies for grey water treatments and reuses. Hamburger Berichte zur Siedlungswasserwirtschaft 57, Selektive Adsorption von Geruchsstoffen. Contribution to the Education and Environmental Protection. Fermentative Produktion von Biowasserstoff aus biogenen Roh- und Reststoffen. UmweltMagazin Januar-FebruarS. Planning a composting facility – A software for teaching and training.

Composting of Bioresources for Terra Preta-inspired Products. Water related to sustainable energy 1. Screening of chemical oxidation processes and other methods for decolorization of urine for its re-use as toilet flush liquid in eco-logical sanitation systems.

How Wastewater turns to Resource. Der Schwarzwasserkreislauf – eine Neukonzeption zum effizienten Umgang mit Abwasser und seinen Inhaltsstoffen. Need-Based Treatment of Digestate.


Management consulting in the waste management industry – strategy for AVA GmbH

Aerobe Verfahren der Industrieabwasserreinigung. Recovery of phosphorus as struvite from source-separated blackwater. After this unit the gas flows time was about 12 months. Gespeicherte Sonnenenergie – Fermentative Erzeugung von Biowasserstoff.

Qualitative Study on the Removal of Trace Organics.

Reuse abfallablaerungsverordnung of urine as a source of plant micronutrients. Since the pres- Sealings had to be changed due to inadequate resistance prop- sure may still exceed this value due to the gas formation a safety erties.

Schlammdesintegration zur Intensivierung der Schlammbehandlung. Mass balances and product quality. Optimization of anaerobic treatment of organic residues: NovemberSydney, Australien. Changing the type of dryer may need a major revision of the gas- ifier operation because of the possibly totally different fluidisation Fig.