Series: Heavenly, book #3 Published: October 1st by Grove Creek Publishing Details: Paperback pages My Rating: 4/5 My Summary. Absolution by Jennifer Laurens. Absolution: Zoe’s secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows. Buy a cheap copy of Absolution book by Jennifer Laurens. Zoe’s secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows .

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My husband kept complaining because I was ignoring him, but I so completely engrossed in this book that I couldn’t even respond much to him. I’m getting too much spam again!!

A Simple Love of Reading: Absolution by Jennifer Laurens

He’s a safe companion for her, as Matthias has told her. In the start of Absolution you know that Albert, Matthias’ father, Albert, is still trying abolution capture both Zoe and Matthias’ soul, even though Matthias is his own son.

While this is the first book of three, it can be read on its own. Instead they have like two conversations, and bam walla laurehs in love. I really have grown to love her character and admire her actions. And it reaffirms that we are not alone in having to deal with the struggles that autism places on a family. The I have absoution putting off reading this book for quite some time. Jennifer lives in Utah and has 6 children, one of whom has autism.

The only reason shes with Weston is because Matthias told her to move on and live her life. The ending of this novel is quite different than how most YA paranormal romance novels I’ve read end. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. The way she cared for her family and those in need stole me heart. Jennifer Laurens has created a story that seems so real to me. I read every one that I receive and I appreciate your thoughts. This story will definitely tug at your emotions.


I felt it dealt with with the family issues and addiction in an honest way. What a fine way to end a trilogy.

Jul 20, Aileen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like that she put in a sneak peek of Penitence as it got me wondering what direction the second book is going to take which I’m kinda of excited to read despite my confused feelings on this book at the moment.

I truly hope so! And Krissy, who wants Weston, at first, has a fling lzurens Chase, then ultimately jsnnifer her claws into Luke, after he falls for her while she is living a fearful situation.

The characters development throughout the narrative was wonderful, all of them progressed and developed as separate individuals yet remained as a core unit. I would love to know that there Jennkfer a guardian angel out there that is protecting him, and it would absolutiion a lot of the worry away!

Zoe, yang sedikit shock dengan keberadaan Mathhias, mendapati bahwa sang adik Luke, ternyata mengalami ketergantungan terhadap obat-obatan. He not only is beautiful he is such a gentleman and well for lack of a better word heaven sent. Nerves are worn thin and trying to get back into the swing of things is becoming very difficult. Luke, her 16 yr old brother, turns to smoking pot, and eventually selling Lortabs to supply his habit.


jenifer I would recommend this book to anybody who wants a bad finish to a great start of the series. This book also created in me awareness. They will be able to find something relate-able with either Zoe, her home life, her ,aurens, her problems. Her ability to find forgiveness and emotional restraint against all negative emotions is enviable.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! It was an original love story with a twist and I loved every page of it.

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She knows this because she’s an indie author and knows how many copies have actually sold. I was actually surprised to see how many excellent reviews this book received, so it must have hit a chord with a lot of people. I read all three books and loved them. Absolution Heavenly Book 3. Oct 18, Ren rated it really liked it Recommends it for: If you have any tips, I would love to know. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


The ending will not leave you hanging unless you choose to read the sneak peek of Penitence. I must say I was sad to see this series come to and end, but am very happy with the storyline and final ending.

I liked this description much more than the other. Une lecture lucide et spirituelle, avec un cliff-hanger inatendu!