In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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The emphasis of the accounting method is on matching the revenues for goods or services provided against the related expenses for the items. Type Style Description Example eap Words or characters that appear on the screen. Data Structures 45 Lesson Duration: Segment-Level Characteristics It is a good idea for performance reasons to keep the number of profitability segments to a minimum and, as a result, minimize the summary records required in CO-PA.

What type of characteristic is the Strategic Business Unit? Structures AC Figure The values for one or more characteristics can be determined in a single step. Quickstart takes the concept one step further in highlighting sa; basic configuration steps to quickly create an operating concern by either copying a template or using the steps and documentation.

This profit center structure applies for both actual postings and profit center plan data. The characteristics are stored in the data division of the table, CE4xxxx. Profitability Management AC Lesson: Profitability Analysis and Profit Center Accounting Overview of Profitability Management Lesson: CO includes cost and revenue accounting and together with the component, Profit Center Accounting EC-PCAit wap all the controlling opportunities without being limited to the legal structures used in Financial Aac605.


Similarly, implement this for the value fields.

List of standard SAP Study Materials | Pablo Gallardo’s Blog

These include the customer group, customer district, and country characteristics. Objects and Aspects in Profitability Management Condition Types – Condition Records A condition type sao one step in a costing sheet.

Master Data AC Password: This means the Ledger field is used in the CO-PA tables to distinguish the different valuation approaches. In addition, explain that many value fields will be populated through the Sales Order Management and Management Accounting interfaces.

The derivation of the regional manager in this case would fail because no rule entry has been maintained. The Full Absorption Costing accounting method can be analyzed only in profitability analysis. Open up another ax605 and display the material cost estimate for the material, P Read the online documentation regarding the types of Profitability Analysis and its applications for your company.

Select the icon next to the table lookup to view the Order Reason.

Valuation Using a Costing Sheet: System Preparation A CATT has been created to post a goods receipt of pieces to the stock for the material, P, in the storage location, You organize your organization into profit centers by assigning the master data of each profit-relevant object, such eap materials, cost center, order, project, sales order, asset, cost object, and profitability segment, to a profit center.


Overview Valuation can be used with either actual or planning data. Z Aap tables i.

Which sales organizations are assigned to the company code, ? Master Data AC Solution 4: Options for Derivation Steps The system goes through a sequence of steps in attempting to locate a characteristic value for each characteristic for a COPA-relevant transaction. Display the currency settings for the operating concern, IDEA. Market segments are normally some combination of information regarding customers, products, and the selling organization.

If this is required, account-based profitability wc605 can be run in parallel with costing-based profitability analysis.

Choose the correct answer s. Overview of Profitability Management Outline the use of characteristic derivation and valuation.

Profitability Analysis

When examples in the system are used, you can assume that the examples are costing-based. Exercises and solutions have been corrected and four new graphics have been integrated. This is to enable bottom line profitability to be estimated at any time.

It is not suitable for self-study.