American Club of Madrid. NTK Seminars: Modelo & FATCA: How it affects us . Future year’s returns. by Antonio Rodriguez | Dec 9, | AEAT, Business. by Antonio | Feb 19, | AEAT, FATCA, FBAR, IRPF Spanish Tax Return, IRS – Internal Revenue Service, Modelo , Spanish Tax Return for non-residents. En EspaƱol en: Form of the AEAT: Report of all assets abroad. This form must be filed by all Spanish residents.

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Unfortunately for many those caught, tax evasion came tied in with money laundering since these are connected crimes.

Tax Agency

In other words, when I am no longer morelo tax resident of Spain. This is still law although it is unknown when the development will be started. You will need to get a public or official document for proving that you did in time.

Are you required to file also the information model with respect to the property and rights abroad? It must file a return if any of those paragraphs 1: BOE-Bank of Spain resolution In the model must be declared, accounts abroad in financial institutions.

In the background there have been pressure groups attempting to persuade the European Parliament that this law is discriminatory and that the Kingdom of Spain is acting illegally. There are no instructions what should be put in this box? Full details of the complaint. Como entiendo lo que he leido parece que si pero no entiendo el porque.


In addition we aet people to accumulate more from their money, allowing access to income in a tax friendly manner. Desde entonces nuestros fondos en el extranjero han reducido.

Every company discussing pension planning and transfers should have kodelo or its equivalent. For each record indicating its type and subtype: Declaration of Assets Abroad. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada. We will also notify you of important news that affects your finances as you live in Europe.

Nuevas preguntas frecuentes del modelo – Agencia Tributaria

Only in Spain, according to the Tax Control Plan by the AEAT Spanish Tax Office7, taxpayers are already in the investigation stage on whom the Tax Agency has indications that either they had to present form and did not do so or they did not declare their foreign assets correctly. Puedes usar las siguientes etiquetas y atributos HTML: By John Hayward – Topics: If you are in the Costa Blanca area. And already a few years ago the tax agency began to provide tax information for citizens of the EU to their respective countries through the model which is filled by Spanish financial institutions, collected and processed by Tax Authority, and information send to respective countries.

For more information, contact your local advisor.


In fact, offenders have generally been caught by tip-offs, police raids on law firms on occasion of fraud investigations or massive document leaks -such as the Panama Papers. I am facing the need to file my first ever Modelo for Contact John Hayward direct about: Link to official text of the regulation: Some believe that Spain might be shooting itself in the foot if it thinks that charging people more is going to encourage people to stay.

This expemtion is granted in tax year that you sell your residency.

Help with Form – Tax Agency

I am intending to close unnecessary accounts and cash in some unwanted fondos aea inversion outside of Spain before the end of the year. Guarda el enlace permanente. Savings solutions in Spain Dread and Brexit Brexit: Therefore, we can deal with overseas insurance companies and investment houses without your money being in Spain. OK, thank you Read more. We are at the end of and after all the festivities some people have the less than happy task of making tax and asset declarations.